IG shoutout strategy

Hi there,

I've just gone through the Instagram Shoutout articles on the site and I have a few questions:
1) How often should you buy shoutouts?
2) Should you buy shoutouts from many influencers at the same time?
3) How does the bio link thing work?
1 - well if you have some budget then at least 2-3x a week
2 - the best way is still to contact those influencers through DM or email if they have their email on their IG accounts.
3 - live link/clickable link. links on instagram posts are not hyperlinks/clickable links.
oh sorrry i misunderstood number 2 hahah meh bad :)

i think it doesnt really that matter as these accounts have different followers although some of their followers follow the other influencer too.

whats important is to test each influencer if their followers really bring traffic to your store. so maybe different influencer on a diffferent day will help with the tracking.
just my opinion though :)

i have spent $50 on trying IG shoutouts but havent made ROIs yet. haha