How's Instagram Shoutouts working for you?


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Hello fellow mates

I'm curious to know how instagram shoutouts are working for you?

Some questions i am having

1. What message pitch do you use that works the best for you while Contacting an influencer?

2. How much do you spend per shoutouts?

3. What's your ROI in average per shoutout?

Answer these questions, i have a surprise for you :)


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haven't used any yet, my store is just set up so will try some soon, what are some must have plugins kingpin in your opinion?

Abu Saddat

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Hey Kingpin you run a lot of niche store. Don't you use Instagram shouts ? Please share your tactics so beginner's like me can benefit. Also is there anyways to convince shout's for free ?


I did few shoutouts for the first time, but lose money because they were fake accounts with thousands of followers, were using groups to comment and likes (maybe bots also). Surprisingly, when I ordered shoutout, I got many PM on Instagram from people asking to buy shoutout from them (probably group of people, or a same person with different accounts). Very disappointing and discouraging.

Any Idea how to figure the best profile/Influencer to ask, that can generate sales??