google merchant feed setup

  1. JorgeL

    Issue with Google Merchant (GTIN code)

    Hi Support, I am currently using this plugin to help in promoting my site and most of my items are approved to runs ads or free listing programs, however, I have some warning where it says: Limited performance due to missing value [gtin] So, how can I fix this issue from the plugin side?
  2. salemzaid1

    Google Merchant Add-On + Product Schema/Microdata

    I am trying to move from Shopify to wordpress. we have over 490k sku's on shopify so i am reimporting all of them via alidrop plugin. i realize great limitations in wordpress so we have already worked with the server and host to do custom work. 1 issue that is bad is the google merchant add...
  3. tubefeed

    Google merchant code - where does this go?

    I am adding products to Google merchant. This requires me to do as per below. Question: where exactly in my Raphael site can i add this?
  4. omktg

    Google Merchant Addon Issues

    Hey guys @Yaros @Ekaterina Sayapina I've been using the addon for a while, and found some issues... 1. The addon creates an extra long feed, its looks like it creates a different feed item for every single attribute inside our product page, like for example: In that product page, the addon...
  5. C

    Disapproved products at Google Merchant

    hello Alidropship community, Is there anyone here that Disapproved your products at Google Merchant Center? If you have successful experience with Google Merchant Center, can you guide us or show us what to do?
  6. Venu

    How to Generate Product Feed for Google Merchant setup and Facebook Dynamic Retargeting

    Hi, I have tried multiple plugins to create product feed for Google Merchant setup and Facebook Dynamic Re-targeting but in vain nothing has worked. Can you please let us know how to generate this feed from our store using Alidropship plugin. I am not using Woocommerce version. There is a open...