1. bizmode

    AliShipping not woking anymore.

    This is the saddest news I have received today. So I'm interested in AliDropship because of the AliShipping add-ons that will save me time setting up a delivery zone and avoid procrastination. It turns out that the AliShipping add-ons are no longer working and this is the reason why I no longer...
  2. A

    Alishipping Shipping costs in single product page not only in cart page...

    Is there a way to show shipping costs per country selector in single product page so before they add to cart ... Like in Aliexpress.... or any code snippet to make this happen. Are there any updates available in the future for Alishipping Plug-in..
  3. A

    Alishipping Problems

    Hi everyone. Since bought Alishipping add-ons and setup service recently, it's really confusing and the shipping methods turn up to each item. The price before the checkout is different on the checkout. Is that possible to make shipping methods per order/purchase NOT to each item? If you just...
  4. Rodmeister

    Alishipping does not change default shipping method after updating product quantities

    Hi everybody, Today I just noticed that whenever I add several units of a product to the cart page of my client's store, the default shipping method does not automatically change. AliExpress automatically changes your default shipping method depending on the quantity you choose of a product and...
  5. ethanhunt

    Delivery times edit option for AliShipping add-on

    It would be great if there was an option to turn on/off or edit the estimated delivery time of the imported shipping methods in AliShipping add-on.
  6. I

    Alishipping error

    Hi I am having these problems if anyone have the answer it would be helpful
  7. J

    Alishipping issue on mobile

    Hello, On desktop: When I change the delivery country on checkout page, shipping methods are being adapted automatically according to available shipping methods for the product. Only valid methods for the selected country are shown ... Good. On mobile: No update ... methods for the delfaut...
  8. I

    Alishipping show if the carrier has tracking

    Hi I think that if you implement these option it will be more friendly to the users.
  9. the_lyall

    How to add carrier icons to AliShipping add-on

    I installed AliShipping plugin on one of my sites today and decided to add the shipper/carrier icons to it like on AliExpress. I also changed a couple of other bits so I'm sharing here in case anyone wants to copy. First of all, I wanted to completely remove the shipping calculation from the...
  10. K

    ALISHIPPING - How to use Alishipping's shipping method along with other shipping methods outside Alishipping

    Hello friends, I want to know, can I use the Alishipping plugin together with another plugin (Claudio Sanches - Correios para WooCommerce) to be able to have different shipping methods per product? My problem is at checkout, because when the customer selects products from Aliexpress and stock...
  11. V


    Hello, I would like to know if alishipping imports to my store the same shipping methods, prices and delivery times offered by each supplier in AliExpress. Thanx
  12. D

    Alishipping Not Working on Checkout

    Hi, I noticed when a customer clicks on the checkout it only shows the product price plus discounts but it doesn’t take the shipping amount, it appears on zero although I select a shipping method