ALISHIPPING - How to use Alishipping's shipping method along with other shipping methods outside Alishipping

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Hello friends,

I want to know, can I use the Alishipping plugin together with another plugin (Claudio Sanches - Correios para WooCommerce) to be able to have different shipping methods per product?

My problem is at checkout, because when the customer selects products from Aliexpress and stock products. In theory, the site has to calculate shipping for products from Brazil with the "Claudio Sanches - Correios para WooCommerce" plugin and for Aliexpress products with the "Alishipping" plugin.

I'll explain, because I think I have a very interesting case to solve here.

I have a store to sell products in Brazil and by default here we have the plugin (Claudio Sanches - Correios para WooCommerce) that interfaces with the post office to search for contract information (shipping costs) and use the shipping calculation in the cart and in Check-out.

I have as a prerequisite that I will sell Aliexpress products only with "free shipping" and for stock products I will charge for shipping. The second option (charge shipping for stock products), this is because the Distributors that will deliver products here at home and the cost of shipping from here to my customers, I will charge.

I did the following before installing the Alishipping plugin:




As such, all Aliexpress products have a "Free Shipping" category. Therefore, when selecting the Aliexpress product and "stock product", only one postal option appears in the checkout.

It works? Yes

However, how is the number of days for Delivery?

Thus, it appears in number of delivery days only for the "stock product":


So, I decided to use the Alishipping plugin. Because that way I can display the shipping method and the number of days (information that comes in Aliexpress).

For that to happen I installed the plugin as you can see below:


I installed Alishipping with the * 71 file, because * 72 gave an error:


Note: I don't know how important this is for the information, but when I got an error the first time (I tried * 72 first), I couldn't remember what the error was, but now with * 71 installed or when uninstalled, when trying installing * 72 the error message says that the Alishipping path is already created.

Also note that the menu inside Alidrop is not the same as the one I've seen in some blog posts. For example, a "Delivery" option does not appear in the configuration menu, see:


Configure Alishipping with only 1 (a default method):


After running several tests, I noticed that on the cart and checkout screen:

With Aliexpress products appeared 2 (two shipping methods) "Free Shipping" and "Method that came from Aliexpress":


To fix this, I deleted the method that I had created for "Free Shipping". However, this way, only the Alishipping option is showing with the number of days for delivery.


With "stock products", only the shipping option with post (Claudio Sanches - Correios para WooCommerce) is displayed, calculated and shows the number of delivery days.


With "stock products" and with Aliexpress products, give the following error:


A message "Delivery selected for each product" appears. This option, when selected, removes from the total value the freight to be charged for "stock products".

So I need some help!

how do I make this message no longer appear?

Note: This message appears when I place more than two items (from different sources "stock products" and Aliexpress products "). Sometimes when I place only two products (one from each source) the message does not appear.

My solution for while:

Uninstall the Alishipping plugin and keep only the "Free Shipping" method determining shipping by site category for Aliexpress products (as configuration listed at the beginning of this post) and "Claudio Sanches - Correios para WooCommerce for" stock products ", therefore, I will have no problem when inserting products from different sources.
However, I will have to access all products (only those on AliExpress) and insert a "fictitious" Message (This PRODUCT will arrive in 30-50 days at your home). It's not what I really want to do, but if I don't have a better solution, that will be my way out.

I want to thank you for your attention and thank you very much!

Carlos Eduardo
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Portuguese?? Even with translated I can't understand what exactly you need.
Do you have original plugin?
Do you have woo plugin?
Please people in this forum write in English.
Follow the rules and maybe someone of here can help you .

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Portuguese?? Even with translated I can't understand what exactly you need.
Do you have original plugin?
Do you have woo plugin?
Please people in this forum write in English.
Follow the rules and maybe someone of here can help you .

Take easy my friend! I'm new here and I didn't see the rules. Follow my sincerely sorry!

Do you have original plugin? yep (alids-shipping-products_ion71)
Do you have woo plugin? yep

Translated! ;)
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You can not have alidropship original and alidropship woo in the same website, is not working this way...