aliexpress dropshipping

  1. S

    Aussies - What business transaction account are you using?

    What banking institution are you using for processing your aliexpress transactions? are you getting ping frequently for authentication codes? what challenges have you had and how did you overcome them. I am currently with BOQ but im getting pinged for a 3d secure authentication code every 5...
  2. A

    [ Best Deal ] Aliexpress Coupon $3/3.01 For All Dropshippers & Aliexpress Sellers

    Hi, All Sellers Aliexpress & Dropshippers If you are Looking for a Coupon Aliexpress Sellers Welcome, I can Offer every day More than 20000 Coupon $3/3.01 For My Clients IF you Are interested : Contact me on : Whatsapp: WeChat : +212643971022
  3. S

    Aliexpress order problem

    Hey all, I'm having a problem with aliexpress, everytime I put an order it gets closed due security issues, i already verified my account in alipay for the fourth time now and still having this problem. I pay with a debit card, anyone experiencing the same issue ? I need urgent help...
  4. A

    In Aliexpress, there is new feature for dropshipping?!

    Hi team, In Aliexpress there is a tab called "Dropshipping Center" . When I click there is an agreement. After that I didn't go. Can you please check that and explain about that feature? What is the benefits we can get from that feature. Should I join that program if i dropshipping? please...
  5. M


    THIS IS AN EXCLUSIVE OFFER FOR MY ALI DROP-SHIP Members. I will develop a Fully automated Wordpress Dropshipping store for aliexpress product. using Aliwoo Plugin I'm here to help you launch your drop-shipping empire quickly & easily. Here's what I will do for you: ★ 1 Year WordPress Web...
  6. J

    Dropshipping price

    Hi I try to compare my price to amazon and other sites, as i see it all the price inthere are much lower from my store. and it's almost as the same as in aliexpress. how can i compete? by the way i'm selling in US. is there any tips or advice you can give guys.
  7. 8

    Importing the entire aliexpress store

    Hi guys, i was wondering if there's a way to import the entire aliexpress store instead of doing it one by one? It is pain in the @$$ unlike the main search page where i can import the entire page's product without problem. THanks!
  8. anonymous1971

    This came from Ali Express

    Look at the attachment circled in red. Maybe this is worth integrating in the woocommerce and regular ali plugin.
  9. finderskeepers

    Can Brand Stores On Aliexpress Issue Copyright Notice To dropshippers?

    My store is in the clothing niche and I was planning to promote few products from brand stores on Aliexpress. Some of them have a rating for 97% and above. Majority of them have their company labeled on the product images with white background which is easy to edit with Alidropship image editor...
  10. pravin.p

    [SOLD] Women, Men Accessories Store

    Hello! I am selling my store [URL removed] A custom Ultimate store which sells Women, Men Accessories and Jewelry. You get all the features of ultimate store listed on this link. Plus I spent some money on creating 800+ social bookmarks/backlinks, minor boost to FB page. Domain expires on: 5...