Can Brand Stores On Aliexpress Issue Copyright Notice To dropshippers?


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My store is in the clothing niche and I was planning to promote few products from brand stores on Aliexpress. Some of them have a rating for 97% and above. Majority of them have their company labeled on the product images with white background which is easy to edit with Alidropship image editor. I have attached a screenshot of brand store. Have a look

Link - Vadim Official Store
Seller Score - 97%+
Product - Have Vadim labeled on most product images.


Q. My questions is that as dropshippers, when we are adding these products to our store by removing the company label and adding a pricing markup on their sale price, are we infringing copyright laws? Can someone please clarify this?

P.S. - I am not talking about promoting counterfeit products like clones of Nike and Addidas merchandise.


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You are not rebranding the clothes, so that's not an issue, but you are using Vadim's photography. If they are just stock photos he put his name on, you can change them all you want. But, if they are his personal photography, you'll need to get his permission.

My suggestion is to tell him you are drop-shipping his products and would like to use his photos to promote his products. He'll probably agree and you are good to erase his name and put your shop's name in and on the photo yourself.

Vadim is just another drop-shipper. Chances are the images are just stock images.

Thanks for the information. Valdim has been listed as one of the successful brands on Aliexpress. I assumed its a company producing their own product. Anyway, could you highlight a specific scenario which most dropshippers want to avoid with respect to brand merchandise promotion on their web stores. Which companies or brands are most referring to when they say "don't promote branded merchandise".