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  1. bdonkor

    International Phone GSM SIM Card for Ecommerce business

    Thank you very much for your review. It all depends on where you live on the globe and what options are available to you. I live in Africa precisely Ghana and Onesimcard has been very useful to me in my online business and I hope many dropshippers outside the USA who do not have any way out...
  2. Direct Webstore

    is there any Affiliate plugin

    This has been discussed to death. Please use the Search function above before posting threads. It's not difficult.
  3. E

    is there any Affiliate plugin

    is there any plugin to run affiliate program , that any of you is using and works fine .
  4. Real Residual

    Aliexpress order page update

    Well, it is not completely fixed. In some cases, I do get to select a list of items to match the item in the order, in others, the plugin just selects the first variation. I wonder why this is happening but a quick workaround is: 0) Click on Place Order Automatically (button) 1) Click on the...
  5. Direct Webstore

    International Phone GSM SIM Card for Ecommerce business

    I wouldn't say it was "essential" at all. It's nice, but not essential. I live in Australia and don't use any phone number at all on my sites with no problems at all. I just use a Live Facebook Messenger Chat plugin which is just as good and FREE and they're also very popular with customers...
  6. V

    Integration of sales funnels in AliDropship

    Hi all, I have been checking again, which alternatives to Oberlo are out there in the iSpace, however, the one and only good one is AliDropship. Nothing more to say about that. Considering that eCom stores with Wordpress and WooCommerce or Wordpress and AliDropship are an accountable and...
  7. Direct Webstore

    Currency variation

    If the currency widget is enabled, the currency will be displayed in the currency of whatever country the customer is browsing from. And take note. The currency at the final checkout will be the base currency your site is set to. Which one? The Alidropship plugin affiliate program or the...
  8. Mar

    How to add links in WP page?

    You will add the code to your theme's header.php or footer.php or a Custom HTML widget. So you want to show the visitors that your store is a dropshipping?
  9. S

    How to add links in WP page?

    Hi, How we can add affiliate code in WP page so it will display with this image. <a href="" title="AliDropship is the best solution for drop shipping"><img src="" alt="AliDropship...
  10. D

    Issue with high CPU usage

    Dear fellow dropshippers, I experience the same problem with our store (1000+ products). I have just finished reading all the posts on this thread and it seems that I am one of those who haven’t researched the product information deep enough to find out that the plugin is basically useless for...
  11. Direct Webstore

    Hide "Ships From China" Option

    Don't worry about it. Anyone in a forum related to e-commerce and making money online complaining about someone making affiliate fees online is a pedantic idiot. And like my post above said ... there's a few of them in this forum. lol :) As far as I'm concerned If you or anyone else ever ARE...
  12. Direct Webstore

    Any experience with Dropshipping + Print On Demand

    Sounds more like being an affiliate. It's much simpler though. Mostly names (text) and photos (e.g, pet photos on coffee cups etc) I'll have to check that out. Did not realise. Much better for e-commerce/products than Yoast. Yoast was made with blogs in mind, I think. Yes ... for 3 Yith...
  13. Yaros

    16 questions, when it's too much i can email you if you want

    1) Which theme do you use for hokagestore(dot)com? - Davinci theme. 2) I would like to email to my costumers after 7 days about shipping times or another notification. - The original plugin does not have an option for creating additional email notifications. WooCommerce may have such...
  14. waterlion

    Why Can't we use Portal.aliexpress instead of Admitad/EPN?

    I've been an affiliate with them for a very long time. Perhaps provide the option / additional plugin with a warning? Thanks
  15. Christina

    Top 10 Successful Entrepreneurs Of 2018: Who Inspires You The Most?

    Over the course of this year, we’ve published 10 stories of successful entrepreneurs who run an online business with the help of AliDropship. Some of them make money through AliDropship plugin-powered dropshipping stores, and others earn commissions from AliDropship affiliate program. While some...
  16. Christina

    Do you have to use WooCommerce in order to implement the AliDropship Plugin?

    Hello, dear client! Actually we offer 2 versions of the plugin: the original AliDropship and the AliDropship Woo ones. The first one works on WordPress, the second one works on WordPress + WooCommerce. In your case, you can istall the original AliDropship plugin. Note that all the products you...
  17. sethstephens

    Do you have to use WooCommerce in order to implement the AliDropship Plugin?

    This may be a stupid question. I have a bunch of Wordpress sites I use for SEO. I was wondering if I need WooCommerce set up in order to use the AliDropship plugin? Or can I simply import products (tracked by my AliExpress Affiliate ID)? I have been looking for another thread on this topic...if...
  18. Christina

    Looking for help with fulfillment.

    Hello, RasAlGhul! Have you already read AliDropship Woo Guide? It explains how to place your orders automatically, how to send a email notification for your customers, etc. If you was registered in a programm, got your affiliate link and connected it to the plugin according the insrtuction...
  19. RasAlGhul

    Looking for help with fulfillment.

    Hello, I just got my first sale. I placed the order manually on aliexpress and now they are processing it. However, i want to know, what are the next steps i should be taking. I mean, is there any automated way to email customer regarding his tracking no and all. Also, is there anyway, i can...