Adsense is not compatible with Social Rabbit Plugin


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I’m running my dropshipping store using Alidropship woo plugin and SOCIAL RABBIT PLUGIN.
I’m also running affiliate store using Aliplugin and SOCIAL RABBIT PLUGIN (social rabbit is common in both)
I have put adsense on both sites and having the following problem.
I’m deriving mostly traffic on single product page. When the visitors land on single product page no adsense ad appears. If the same visitor browse another page or home page ad appears. Landing on single product do not show ads. Bounce rate is 80% and I’m not getting 80% adsense revenue. I think social rabbit plugin, alidropship plugin or aliplugin are having some conflicts of coding. Kindly check and help in this regard.

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I have put adsense on both sites
If you followed pretty much universal advice and did not use tacky Adsense (Or any 3rd party ads for that matter) on a dropshipping store, this problem would not exist. 3rd party ads advertising other people's products on retail sites is just plain stupid. They take potential customers away from your site to another retail site. On blog sites where nothing is being sold, they are fine.

And apart from looking terrible on retail/dropshipping sites and the danger of them taking customers away to other retail sites there is also the problem that they are "contextual" ads and they may show ads from Aliexpress with some of your site's products. You will be busted as a drop shipper and lose customers forever. (Not a problem with the affiliate store though, just your dropshipping one.)

Is losing potential paying customers really worth the few extra cents earned from Adsense ads? According to my own research, most experienced retail/dropshipping site people say "No". And I agree with them.

But if you insist on damaging the look and reputation of your stores and losing potential paying customers ... it may help to mention what theme you are using as well.
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