Selling Store With Sales!

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Hi guys,

I'm selling the first store that I created. It was my first venture in the dropshipping world.
I have dedicated many hours, adding products with custom texts, and customizing this store to my needs.
The store only has ~30 uniques per day however, its making sales. With work in it, you can bump the sales easily. I will tell you what you have to do to increase sales.

It has 281 live products and 3 years old.
I started in October 2016 and in that year I have made $32.80 in sales;

2017: $411.52 in sales;

2018: $2.280.16 in sales;

2019: $1587.24 in sales;

My margins start from x3 to x10 of my purchase product.

The setup:
It is running on alidropship plugin with other plugins free plugins. I have it running in a server with my other sites, which I pay $110, but you can run in a VPS.
I have a second WordPress to make custom landing pages to the products to promote individual products.

Social Media:
Facebook: 513 followers
Instagram: 2460 followers
Pinterest: 1400 followers with 639.2k Monthly viewers

Why I'm selling this store:
I'm selling this mainly because I have started to invest in R.E, and with all my other sites (affiliate marketing), I don't have the time to add new products, promote, etc., so I will have to let go this one.
I will help you with transferring, tell you the winning products, how to promote, where to advertise, plus give you my previous advertisers. I will help you for 3 months.
I know this store has lots of potentials if you put the work on it.

If you would like to see the store and other details, please contact me here or email me: freedoomltr @ gmail
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Another day another record. Today the store made $56.85. No advertisements. no email marketing and only 30 unique visitors a day!
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