What theme for Alidropship woo ?


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Hi, I had problems with Porto theme, it didnt import varible images properly https://prnt.sc/utslmh

So thinking of getting premium theme, Im between Andy Warhol Woo vs Flatsome from quick look around.

Any recommendations? One over another. Or any other themes I should look at ? https://alidropship.com/themes/#woo

I got Addon Bundle https://alidropship.com/addons/add-on-bundle/
and Alishipping to play with https://alidropship.com/addons/alishipping/

Theme ?

First try to reimport the products for you be sure is not just a connection issue..

1) delete the product you already import.
2)delete and permanent from your trash.
3)reimport the products.

This Is happen to me from time to time and I just follow what I write you above and fix my import proplem.


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went with Andy Warhol Woo and so far like it, its out of the box ready, Flatsome takes a lot of editing work time... I would buy it as my 2nd theme. Andy theme got all this selling tricks build in.


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I would have agreed with you a year ago, but.......
Elementor is full of bloat and will slow down an ecommerce site. They have consistently added bells and whistles (for that wow! factor) to attract unexperienced users.
That is far for true I have an ecommerce store with astra (organic template) + elementor ... I use wp faster cache (free) and cloudflare ,the website is have full loading time 3 seconds and onload 1.5 second .... that is not but for ecommerce store.
Also if you are an experience user and you really mine elementor...create a child theme and customize it the way you like...
This is the way I should go anyway if my site was slow down for elementor ;)


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Find an ecommerce theme which has good speed in its description. Also, it can be an organic theme with nothing but essential tools. It won't be too difficult to switch from one theme to another.
There are some recommendations to use elemenetor in this discussion, but I would say it's the most terrible thing I have ever used in my life. It slowed down the website so much, you won't imagine. Try a wp faster cache and cloudflare, they might improve the situation.