andy warhol

  1. T

    YITH WooCommerce tema andy warhol No products added to the wishlist

    Hi, I have two problems with the template andy Warhol child. when I click on the heart of the product rotates as updating but does not save the action to go to the icon next to the cart gives this message page No products added to the wishlist, this icon Wish list in the mobile version is not...
  2. P

    Swap my Alidropship Plugin or Andy Warhol theme(alidropship version) for Andy Warhol woo commerce version

    Hello Dropshippers My request is very simple... I have decided to redo my Dropship website using only woo-commerce so I need someone who is willing to swap the Andy Warhol woo commerce theme($67) for either the Alidropship plugin($89) or the Andy Warhol($67) Alidropship version files. Please...
  3. ethanhunt

    " Image not found, next image will be loaded "- Andy Warhol

    I'm getting an error on Andy Warhol theme in Alidropship original plugin. When I click on the images in the comments, I'm getting an error message " Image not found, next image will be loaded " and the whole page gets stuck, and can't get rid of the error window. This happening on all the pages...
  4. X

    What theme for Alidropship woo ?

    Hi, I had problems with Porto theme, it didnt import varible images properly So thinking of getting premium theme, Im between Andy Warhol Woo vs Flatsome from quick look around. Any recommendations? One over another. Or any other themes I should look at ...
  5. Sylvio

    Random products on page refresh

    Hello Friends, (Theme Rubens) I would like to display BEST DEAL, JUST ARRIVED, TRENDING NOW products and CATEGORIES products in RANDOM mode with each refresh of the page. Can I do it? Thanks for help :) Sylvio
  6. tomazs


    Andy Warhol theme have just a welcome mail option.
  7. A

    When will be launched Andy Warhol theme

    When will be launched Andy Warhol theme will it come with a feature single page product