flatsome theme

  1. ruvi

    Product Variation Swatches images appear low quality in mobile version [ Flatsome theme ] Any Solutions ?

    I have flatsome theme installed website... in the mobile version, I have a problem with variation switches images low-quality issues... some variations have better quality, but some of the variations do have not better quality... in the Web version, quality is totally fine ... does anyone know...
  2. X

    What theme for Alidropship woo ?

    Hi, I had problems with Porto theme, it didnt import varible images properly https://prnt.sc/utslmh So thinking of getting premium theme, Im between Andy Warhol Woo vs Flatsome from quick look around. Any recommendations? One over another. Or any other themes I should look at ...
  3. L

    Online General Store For Sale

    Selling my general store. Built with the Ali woo Plug-In, Flatsome premium Wordpress theme and premium plugins like yith custom thank you pages plugin yith frequently bought together plugin yith abandoned cart plugin etc There are 45+ products suggested by http://ecomhunt.com uploaded and...
  4. Bamise

    How to Remove Additional information ?

  5. Bamise

    How to Remove "Company Name" on the Filled Form ?

    Please does anyone know how to remove the "Company" Info on the form when checking out? Please if you have solved your own, or you know please can you help?