What payment gateway to choose

Krishna Jangir

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Hello @Yaros
Great Job Man!!!
Need Little Advice.
I want to add Payment Gateway to my webstore, as of now i have Paypal but i want to make it without register to paypal way.
I have seen the premier and business paypal isnt supported with your plugin yet.
I have tried Stripe but the country i reside is not in the list.
I am from Oman.
Need your expert advice for setting up credit card/debit card option to my webstore.
Anyone else who knows about it are welcomed to answer the thread.

Thank You In advance.

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integrate paypal in - then try to check out.

there's this portion where it indicates that you can checkout with credit card without logging in.

hope this answers your questions.


Please answer, if fax applications are not suitable, what is the attitude of insurance companies to the documentation by e-mail? And if it will be a long-term contract and a one-time contract application, but by e-mail and pass it in time to the insurance company (and perhaps also by e-mail)? Do you have such information? What did you do in this case? Looks like the Courier Van Insurance I have is not bad, but ask in case you never know...

Prachi Singh

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You are welcome to check this article about gateways available with the plugin https://alidropship.com/codex/payment-gateway-choose/

It would be great if you can share your own experience about payment gateways! What payment options are you using on your store? What difficulties do you have? What other payment gateways would you like to use with the plugin?
Hey Hello, First of all understand what is Payment Gateway and how does it functions, read here - https://bit.ly/2W0gfTt
Currently I am using Lyra's Payment Gateway it has easily accessible dashboard and developer centric ability merge to make it the most preferred online platform for transactions.