Upsell Woo (BETA)

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Ekaterina Sayapina

Staff member
Upselling being one of the most powerful sales techniques gives you the perfect chance to offer more products to your customers on Cart and Thank you pages.

We’re very excited to announce that AliDropship Woo plugin compatibility has been finally added! Now you can use Upsell on the recommended Woo themes: Shopper, Storefront, Flatsome and Claue. Refer to this guide to learn more.

To become a beta tester and get the add-on, please make sure you not only have AliDropship Woo plugin installed, but also have time on testing, reporting bugs and sharing your feedback. Please send me a pm with your AliDropship Woo plugin license key to request a beta testing license.

on Cart

on Cart.jpg

on Cart mobile.jpg

on Thank you page

Thank you page.jpg

Thank you page mobile.jpg


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