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Hmmm ... what other non-e-comm related bloatware can we stuff into the Alidropship plugin? How about a "Spiritual Verse of the Day" widget?

But seriously, translation is such a big task it really requires it's own plugin/addon. Trying to build in something that huge into another plugin is just not realistic. And if they wanted to just build in translation using Google's Translate API, again, it's starting to bloat out the plugin. And you can already use Google translate with this ...
the gtranslated plugin


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Is gonna be a good Idea if we can translated our website with a default switcher from alidropship!
I remembered you use davinci woo .. in the header file which is locate the currency switcher I add as well the gtranslate shortcode. Is not other easiest way to add it in the top header .
But is the nicest one in my opinion.

See screenshot below (red cycle)