Hi! I was going through the thread about themes and it was mentioned that new themes will be made available soon. This was back in Oct 2017. So when will the new themes be released? I just got AliDropship plugin yesterday and have been playing around the current 3 themes. I must say the themes are dreadful to look at and even more dreadful to use. The level of customization is simply too restrictive. I tried to strip down a lot of stuff to get the minimalist look but they just can’t be done at all. I hope the new themes will be released soon, look better and allow higher degree of customization.

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but they just can’t be done at all.

Yes they can. You wouldn't recognise my Davinci child theme. You need to directly edit the theme files if you want major changes. If that's not an option for you ... switch to the WooCommerce plugin and have HEAPS of themes to choose from.