1. wallacemix

    Compatible theme

    Hello! Would anyone know if the Generatepress or Electro theme is compatible with Alidropship Woo? Sorry for my English, using the google translator. Thank you
  2. K

    WooCommerce themes

    I have a Woocommerce theme I love but does the Ali Woo plugin work on any Woocommerce theme or just the ones on their own site? Kerry
  3. Takerian

    DaVinci 2 - "Categories" not translated

    In the loop-product.php file on line 18 there is hardcoded <h3>Categories</h3> and it is not translated.
  4. Kerri-Ann C Bryan

    Dali Theme Issues

    I'm really liking the clean layout of the new Dali theme, however, I do have a few suggestions I'd like to share: About me: I am the owner of a women's fashion boutique 1. Could you allow magnifying or an enlarged feature on each product image. I believe this feature was avail on the rembrandt...
  5. jaykay

    Custom Theme Solution for more than 500 products in Woocommerce

    As we all know that most of the users with more than 500 products in woocommerce are facing high CPU usage issue. And, the wordpress themes available here are not appropriate for every niche and not easy to customise for most users. Hence, is it possible to get a custom theme with the help of...
  6. marketingal

    So very lost on this! Help Please...anyone...?

    I am missing something or missed a step somewhere as I cannot figure out what to do at for a theme and then the plugin. I purchased the hosting here at Alidropship and have purchased my domain, bought the plugin SO....can I not use the Free Version Of WordPress to use the plugins...
  7. JasonP

    New themes

    Hi! I was going through the thread about themes and it was mentioned that new themes will be made available soon. This was back in Oct 2017. So when will the new themes be released? I just got AliDropship plugin yesterday and have been playing around the current 3 themes. I must say the themes...
  8. B

    Standard plugin or Woocommerce Plugin?The Best

    Hi all, Please tell me which version is better to use ..either Standard plugin or woo commerce plugin themes,features, automation, pricing,shipping , easily importing and editing products etc..
  9. K

    Preview DaVInci theme shows all grey screen

    Hi, I installed the DaVinci theme and when I preview it, the preview shows all grey. If I activate the theme, I cannot access my site. What could be wrong? I installed the latest version of woocommerce. Thank you!
  10. G

    Alidropship - best theme ?

    Hi, Which theme is best ? Rembrandt or Da Vinci ?
  11. condrats


    Hello, can someone explain me please: the plugin don't work with other themes I found on internet? only with those three I see on alidropship website? If not, what solutions do I have if I want another theme for the shop, a more professional look of the store. I personally dont like the 3...
  12. reian

    blog for davinci

    hello everyone, just getting things setup now. So far so good! but Id like to work on blogging, preferably without setting up an external blog. Im using davinci theme, but Im not seeing single posts. In dashboard, post, view post; I just get a blank page. The category shows fine, with all...