1. noodles

    Single product / Enable Share Button does not work

    I Believe this is them related (Michelangelo Theme being used) since this segment of the menu shows when in the normal area of WP admin, not the ali plug sub menu area BUT I am posting in the plugin area just to be safe. Trying to turn on the Single product / Enable Share Button does not work...
  2. Takerian

    Changing colors in review block

    I've changed color from the default orange to a green everywhere in the Customization settings. However the text (100%) and the percentage bar in the REAL CUSTOMER REVIEWS block on a single product page are still orange. Where should I change that? My theme is Davinci 2, version 1.2.3. I'm...
  3. JasonP

    New themes

    Hi! I was going through the thread about themes and it was mentioned that new themes will be made available soon. This was back in Oct 2017. So when will the new themes be released? I just got AliDropship plugin yesterday and have been playing around the current 3 themes. I must say the themes...
  4. E

    Rembrandt images not changing through customization

    Hi there. I am having a glitch happen on my page. The stock pictures on the homepage that correspond to "Top Selling Products", "Best Deals" and New Arrivals" can not be switched. I have tried using different pictures and no luck. Has anybody experienced this glitch? And how do I go about...
  5. D

    I want store customization

    1) i am store owner i have build a team so my other partner can import the product now i do not want them to see which plugin i am using because if they know they will quit my store jobs and make their own store so i need to change this text to something else check screenshot...