[NEW SALES CLOSED] WEBRILY: Go Viral and Get Targeted Traffic for FREE


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If you read the threads, what it seems to do is this:
1: it gets you facebook account banned
2: support is practically non-existant

thank you for your remarks
Are you using any of the Webrily service ?

facebook spam links depending on many factors many that we can assume and many we can not.

Facebook constantly works and develop their algorithms to catch any suspicious activity. What many people are doing is posting same links in a faster speed or there profile is not in good standing.

Its not getting banned for all the users who're using the service.
There were some blackhat marketers who were using the service in a whole different way and abused the whole system.

i have banned them already and introduced the option to use own domain name for posting purposes making highest possibility of facebook not catching any link posting as spam.

Soon i will be Closing the sales of Viralti to keep the service healthy and abuse free for existing users.

If you're an existing user of any of the service do let me know any issue you're facing



i would request users to use own domain name for sharing on fb

some people abused webrily domain name and Sometime links from webrily is caught by FB as spam.

I will fix this by moving the system to another domain also by tomorrow
Can you also share how to use own domain name for sharing?


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Traffic Result of one of the Viralti users.

I will post my personal results also once i Get to my computer.
It's Sunday and i am not at work.

I will get back to all the questions and queries tomorrow.

Have a nice Sunday


here are my posts to him when he PM me. he is out there defending this crap tool while deleting peoples threads. worst support ever

I'm not sure why you are defending him now. You don't have our back? Or you only take in what you want to hear? Obviously a million people are complaining about a crazy app hes made and I had a look and it's not something that should be out there. Lots of users have had their accounts locked out and you think that's ok from a consumers rights point of view to shut him down ? I find that appalling and corrupt that you want to instead silent the truth. It breaks all the rules of business and transparency.

Your business practices are from another planet. You're out there telling people that you cant remove scams marketing threads that it would be like removing your own and then you turn around and delete complete threads and posts of other people. How is that fair. I think you are just up yourselves as hyprocrites. I wouldn't be surprised if you delete this too but funny you pm me rather than messaging me in the public forum. What are you really hiding ?


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You're so idle and have an agenda. Enjoying your Sunday with negativity is not for what this forum is built for.

Relax and get out of my sales thread and posts and its an amateur and looks like you're doing this on purpose. I like constructive criticism but personal attack and using of bad language and such words is a way done by people who are frustrated and got no life.

You are using bad words and I did a report and the Yaros team removed your posts

If you're having issues you can talk about that but approaching this way is something that makes a person understand the up-bringing

I have my standards and I love ignoring negative people but Its waste of time for you to put so much energy for me.
Put this energy on your business and maybe you'll have success.

Have a wonderful time.

Your messages and posts will be ignored by me and if you still think you need to do this.. Do it

What you see is what you get.
All i can say is GET WELL SOON



You like constructive criticism ? SERIOUSLY ? You squeal like a little girl when I told you your tool is a pc of shit haha. Lets just say your tool is great ok, happy ? lol
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