MALWARE in ALIDROPSHIP FILES? Malicious activities in my site! -- NEW UPDATE: Website CAN NOT Be accessed on MOST COUNTRIES!

Ekaterina Sayapina

Staff member
2 Main issue now:
(1) MALICIOUS activities from Alidropship server with WP CERBER as Suspect.
(2) Little hard to access my site on my country and other countries.
My experience, when i got "Fail connection", i should REFRESH browser several times or visit another website then i can access my store site.
IF I am a Buyer, i will leave a store like this :(:(:(

Is issue no. 2 has correlation with issue no.1 ???
1. Victoria has already provided you with detailed explanation:
The latest Cerber update caused this issue , we need more time to investigate this and understand do we need to make this compatibility or not, because there are too many restrictions now from Cerber side which lead to inconvenience but not to more safety. Cerber protects only admin area of your site - log in . It doesn't provide the whole security.
Now as a temporary solution you can add IP address to the white list or use similar plugins for additional protection.

2. We've checked your website using the same analytics tools, it looks just fine.

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