website speed

  1. Leonardibong

    I Want to Sell

    This is a dropship website which sells underwears and I want to sell it any interested person should please indicate. Am ready to sell for $1000 and this is negotiable
  2. J

    MALWARE in ALIDROPSHIP FILES? Malicious activities in my site! -- NEW UPDATE: Website CAN NOT Be accessed on MOST COUNTRIES!

    Hello.. i saw some malicious activities in my site. It came from Alidropship IP address. I don't know is it a normal activities or there is a malware in Alidropship file? Still not sure. If there is some malware in files, then it will not good for our SEO rank in Google
  3. Jasin555

    Anyone using Key-CDN to speed-up website?

    Hello to all, I need some suggestions to speed-up my website. I am using keyCDN from a while, but it takes about 5.5 ms to load in NewYork & 8.9 ms in California which is quite too much. I think nobody can wait that long to wait for the page to load. I have GoDaddy hosting and base is in...