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This niche has long been a leading and filled object because this phone brand is one of the most popular throughout the world. This makes it absolutely invincible to the competition. It follows that in this industry, you can earn not on iPhones but on accessories, Caseface, AirPods, chargers (especially on the latest models will be very relevant). From this comes the fact that in such a big business should enter smoothly as in a cold sea at the beginning of June.


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I also recently sold my business because I decided to change the field of activity. I had an online store with accessories for iPhones. There are a lot of them now. Where do you usually buy phone cases?


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Most of the time, I order iPhone cases from online stores. There is no need to go shopping and choose a case. I have a very large collection of cases. I bought an iPhone XR about two years ago. During that time, I purchased about 25 different cases. Some of them are already bad quality, so I rarely wear them. I like to change the case every week or depending on my mood. I also have themed and holiday cases. For example, I bought a case for Halloween and Christmas. I've made several recent purchases at https://happinessidea.my/collections/iphone-xr-cases. You can find cool case designs there at affordable prices.
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