1. O

    Smart Gadgets Store - Expires On : 2022-03-03 Registered On : 2020-03-03 Updated On : 2021-02-26 Why this business was started I've always wanted my own bigger project. I wanted to open this store as a test before I dive into my own unique store. The reason of selling this business Now that...
  2. Sadoun

    Display on Mobile devices not clear and slow loading

    Hi.... We've just finished implementing a transition into a DaVinci 2.0 for Woo theme. Issue #1 The display of the website on a PC or Laptop is great. However on an Android mobile smartphone the preview is looking like this: Android: Same page on iPhone: Issue #2- On both mobile (Android...
  3. iPhoneDen

    iPhone Niche Store For Sale

    Selling our iPhone niche store. Built with the Ali Dropship Plug-In. It has over 800 items on it: iPhone, iPad, iWatch accessories. The URL is: - short, brandable, easy to remember. Our reason for selling is that my business partner and I have decided to part ways and...