I am Aliexpress Top Brand seller, we're looking for partners.

I need an answer on how to choose fast shipping method
Look at the different methods and see which one has the least delivery days. But the fastest will be expensive. Most people choose e-packet with free shipping.

how to guarantee your benefit?
He can't guarantee the services of a third party shipping company. Only the shipping company can do that.

Unless you are talking about his products. In that case Aliexpress has a 45 day customer protection and refund guarantee covering ALL sellers.


Just to warn forum members of this people claiming to be AliExpress sellers. I am not sure what they are really up to since I never even ask their store url like many I saw here. I have discussed with AliExpress support a number of times about dispute and refunds. They explained repeatedly that once you buy in the normal procedure like automatic order of dropshippers, the money you pay will be kept by AliExpress. This will be released to the sellers only when the order is received and no dispute submitted during the dispute period specified. This is the AliExpress buyer protection. In the event that the buyer submitted a dispute, you will be refunded by AliExpress, even if the seller do not agree.

That is if you order in AliExpress. But if you deal and order directly to the sellers, which I suspect this sellers are convincing you, you are on your own against the seller and at their mercy. When you ask help from AliExpress support, the first thing they ask is the order number. If you ordered directly to the sellers, there is no order number, they will not help you. You will be lucky if you can even talk to a human support. This is just a warning.
hi everyone,
I am Chuck. a Aliexpress Top Brand seller, From Guangzhou, China.
We specialize in marketing fashionable hip-hop and Japanese-style garment, and we offer the latest styles in vogue. We have a well-established supply chain and all our products have passed rigorous quality control. We're looking for partners. We offer prices with high competitiveness. If your store need the pictures of our products, we'd provide them to you at the first time.

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if you want cooperate with us. welcome to contact me.
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I have 5 year experience works as aliexpress seller, I could answer mostly of question about dropshipping on aliexpress.
1. how to choose cooperation store?
2. how to choose fast shipping method?
3. how to guarantee your benefit?

what your problems ? let me know, I will try my best.

welcome contact me for details.
Hi, please send me your AliExpress store URL