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I recently begun getting a Breadcrumbs error in Google Search Console, that is: " schema deprecated".
Status: Warning
Affected items: 85

The response from the Webmasters community at Google was:

Well someone implemented structured data on your site.
They need to 'redo' that work to use
If you originally implemented the SD using a plugin, or a theme, see if the developer has released a update?

Which leads me to believe it has something to do with the theme or plugins from Alidropship. Are there any updates to fix this?

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OK. No problem. ;) Results below ...

This effects lots of themes (not all) and one needs to wait for the theme developer to update the theme. There is no great urgency. Google will not implement this until April 6th. At the moment it's just a "Warning". After April 6th it will be an "Error".
You don’t have to worry about the changes until April 6. You will see only a warning message on the search console. It won’t affect traffic or any other performance. However, you will see it as an error after 6 April 2020.

So just relax. I'm sure all the theme developers will be aware of this and will update soon enough.

I also found some fix but I'm not so technical so I hope the AliDropship will bring an update for this.
Only theme developers (Including Alidropship) can use that fix, not users. So don't worry about it. They have until April 6th to implement it. It's a pretty simple thing to do. Just take a few minutes. Pretty sure all theme developers will sort it out before April 6th.
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i am seeing this in my search console
1. What theme are you using?

2. Have you updated it?

3. If it's not an Alidropship theme, have you contacted the theme's support? This was supposed to be fixed by all theme developers by April 6th. (Read above in my previous post in this thread)