google search console

  1. shannus

    Google Search Console Warning

    I recently begun getting a Breadcrumbs error in Google Search Console, that is: " schema deprecated". Status: Warning Affected items: 85 The response from the Webmasters community at Google was: Well someone implemented structured data on your site...
  2. deep.sandeep

    Google Search Console crawling errors.

    Hello, Is there anyone added your website to Google Search Console?? I am added my website to Google Search Console, I submitted Sitemap.xml file. After that i tested Website URL. I result i saw that URLs crawled but they have issues. I am sending you screenshots. Please check those and if...
  3. kdbazarcom

    Google crawl warning on main page

    Dear AD, The Google crawl search console is showing the warning error related to the products on the home page and products page. I am using Dali Theme. Regards, Imran
  4. Cam

    Google search console Error

    Hi, Please how to fix these two ERROR message with google search console -Content wider than screen -Clickable elements too close together Thank You
  5. anonymous1971

    Alicdn blocked sources in Google search console

    Hello, I checked my google search console and noticed that [ see visual ] sources are blocked by google bot. What do i have to do?? unblock or is this the way it supposed to be? This might have influence of indexing and ranking so it's very important to know what to...