Get Email list of prospects of any niche + Buying Keywords curated using Amazon (FREE GIFT FROM ME)

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Hello mates. I have an Early Christmas gift For you all :)

I am into E-commerce from almost one year now. I'm doing great with my business and grown from zero to a consistent ROI. I always believe in experimenting and find out new ways that can help me increase ROI and business.

I am using many strategies and methods to bring sales and conversions.

One of the method that works is Email Marketing for me.

I am not going to explain the benefits of email marketing here but i will surely point you all to learn about email marketing.

The best benefit is it works and it will work always.

So to help you with your dropshiping business i am doing this. I am crazy to send you emails addresses of people of your niche completely Free of cost.

This is not a regular email list. Its a list of people who are passionate about your niche.

Sending them emails and offers will surely going to help you.

You can use this email list to create Custom Audience and later LLA for your Facebook advertisements.


Buying keywords are keywords and phrases which a person type before making a purchase. I used Amazon to find out some highly curated keywords that people are searching in your niche on Amazon before making a purchase. You can use these keywords as tags on your store and posts on your blogs to get awesome organic traffic from search engines. This will help you to get some deep niches under your main niche also.

I would have charge you 50$ or above for all these data. But i won't. Its all FREE

Just LIKE this post and COMMENT below your niche and I will send the download link as fast as possible.

"Sharing is Caring"

Ps: list will be delivered on First come First serve basis

Hello mate! My niche is the EDC ( every day carry) survival, personal protection thing, you are the man!

If you are still doing this, I would love something in the Christmas decoration niche. Or if that is not possible, then home decoration?

Hi Kingpin
This is a very good deed you are performing.
Could I have a list please?
Mt niche(s) for the moment is popular and geek culture
Like these keywords - gaming, geek, nerd, unicorn, mermaid, Harry Potter, Roblox, Fortnite

Just started so will probably narrow down more once finding out what works.
Those who received the email list, why dont we compile them so the whole community can benefit.
Even if we have the same list, the challenge of getting the sale is still a level field.
Hey Bro, Thank you for your help.this is very kind gesture and newbie like us could use lots of help like this. i dont know if u still sending people the list if you are then,
my niche is customize ring, pendent or jewelry.
if i found this post too late then i still wanna say Very Good Job, We appreciate you very much. :)