ATTENTION YAROS: Images not uploading properly for Alidropship Woo Plugin


Someone already posted about this issue, but I am posting here so that maybe an admin or Yaros can look into the issue as soon as possible. This issue has been persisting for over 2 weeks so I hope it can be resolved.

There is an issue with importing images from Aliexpress - whenever we press import, the import circle keeps spinning and nothing happens. Only one image is imported and the image variations are not imported. I am running the latest alidropship plugin version and Chrome 2.70 Extension.

Can you please try to replicate this issue by importing products with the Alidropship Woo plugin? You will see what I mean.



Staff member
Hi Timothy, could you send me your wp-admin access that I could check on your site. I don't have such issue on my test sites.


New Member
Can confirm that this is happening also to me. Running everything up to date. One more thing is that changing supplier takes like forever and in 90% the supplier won't get updated if I change that.