AliWoo update for Woocommerce 3.7.0 compatibility?

Trust ADS had their hands full last couple of days getting back online ...

Meanwhile Woocommerce came out with a 3.7.0 version update - should we wait for an AliWoo update for compatibility or is it safe to update Woo now?
No hurry ... just want to know.
dont take my word on it because i dont have much experience and i dont know what kind of problems to expect, but im currently building my website using astra elementor pro and aliwoo, and i dont feel any difference in the workflow after updating the woocommerce plugin.
i dont see any errors, new unexpected behavior or glitches or anything like that.
on the other hand, as i said, im still completly new so i dont know what to expect and my website is still in building mode, only 20 products been imported so far, including today after updating woocommerce.
so far it seems fine.
if there is a specific aspect you would like me to check and test, let me know.