AliShipping add-on for beta test - get the original AliExpress shipping methods on your store!

I'm interested in this plugin alishipping, but I have doubts about the currency. If I sell in euros or any other currency does it convert the currency as in an alidropship plugin? Or is shipping only in US dollars?
does it convert the currency as in an alidropship plugin?
It, itself does not convert. The Alidropship plugin does that for the whole site. It displays the shipping in your stores base currency that you have set in the Alidropship plugin.

So if your store's base currency is Euros, the shipping prices will be in Euros, for you.

For your customers, the currency will be in their currency if you have it selected as one of the Additional Currencies in the Alidropship settings.

The final checkout product price and shipping price will be in your store's base currency.
Thanks for the answer, forgive me the inconvenience but how is it in the case of the image below when the product is free shipping via aliexpress direct but over 30 dollars? How will alishipping work? What if the customer places other products that are not part of the aliexpress direct shipping? Thanks in advance!