1. A

    product name not showing Andy Warhol Woo themes

    how to shown the product name in the box for Andy Warhol Woo themes !
  2. S

    Alidropship Updates not working

    Hi, I currently have 3 sites, 2 normal Alidropship and 1 woo version. None of the sites do any updates when I click the option within the menu. The first item appears however that is it. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?
  3. A

    problem with review add-on

    problem with review add-on after the push on the plugin from dashboard its open blank page this problem from yesterday and i bought it yesterday if you cant solve the problem please refund the amount
  4. T

    ATTENTION YAROS: Edit Button not working!

    Hi Yaros, I thought that I should just bring it up to your attention that the "edit" button under import product is suddenly not working. A bunch of other people have reported it in this thread as well (see the bottom)...
  5. A

    there is big update for Da Vinci theme soon?

    hello for all alidropshipping team i used alidrop plugin no woo and i like it more than ali woo plugin but really i don't like the davinci style its need to make front page more pro and more nice and modern i think it most be like this theme : http://demo.snstheme.com/wp/evon/home-6/# and if...
  6. R

    Help Need in Payment Processor

    Hi every One, I am currently doing work on a multiple niche dropshipping website and wish to start earning from this business in one year. I have few questions if anyone knows kindly share with me. I am specially requesting the Alidropship Support Team. 1. Do you all Guys Thinks, That Having...
  7. A

    i cant change the statue for order

    hello every one i have a new order and i received my money on 2 checkout i make the order on aliexpress but the statue for order don't change to process and everything its OK always i make order and don't have any problem with it see first pic and the next this picture after i fulfillment the...
  8. A

    when choose Additional currency its not change in home page its give 0 value ????

    when choose Additional currency its not change in home page its give 0 value ????
  9. A

    please we want solve this its very big problem !!!!!

    hello dear firstly i would talking about 2 checkout gateway "inline" not stander, if you cant add to alidropship its ok but make everything easy and allow to us using davinci theme with alidropship woo and then we can add 2 checkout inline plugin because 2checkout have inline plugin, its easy dear
  10. A

    please help very important

    I add my 2 checkout account details. When client try to use credit cart its redirect to 2 checkout site and its want to fill-up details again. Customers are not like that. Can you add inline api for 2checkout process????
  11. himansh

    Social rabbit plugin doubt about plugin price.

    Hi, i sent my doubt to contact team multiple time, but don't know why they are not replying to this. I wanna know that if i purchase the social-rabbit plugin from alidropship website ($69), then do i still have to pay (monthly/yearly subscription charges) to social-rabbit plugin team ? Please...
  12. Nadine

    Social Rabbit

    When buying rabbit on your services, are your team the one to install and connect to my social accnt? Thank you
  13. delmar

    Mark Up Formula Error!

    Hi guys, I just change my theme a few days ago from Rembrandt to da vinci and also using transition to php 7.0. Now my problem is my mark up formula. I just added new products on my store and the prices didn't change. I use the add recommended button just like before when i use rembrandt theme...
  14. Bamise

    Hi Droppers You all need this!

    Hi everyone, I have been attending the ESA and yesterday night also ESX webinar by Morrison, and believe this guys are actually making thongs money everyday with the method of "Get Product name for FREE!, just pay for shipping fees" and i personally have a friend that is a member of ESA, mehn...
  15. Bamise

    Need Help Please, Can you Help ?

    I have tried creating several account on 2Checkout and also stripe, but its seems i don't get it, 2Checkout and stripe requested for an account with check book, and i don't have, what do i do ? If someone can help please................................ Note: 2Checkout and Stripe do not even...
  16. kingpin

    YAROS - How is your Single Product site making $$?

    Hey @Yaros I Follow your thread on one of a forum where you were talking about a new strategy of having a single product site I'm pasting the exact lines of yours below "I decided to expand my business and try some new interesting strategy - Single Product Store! Meet my new site -...
  17. Bobdin

    People browse my website to see a piece of code !!!

    @Yaros I have another problem with alidropship plugin, people can't browse my web store correctly. I don't see this problem using my computer or phone. But some visitors have this problem using some computers and tablets. Could you please tell me about this problem? I am using michelangelo theme.