shipping charges

  1. kdb

    Dropshipping future in current war situation

    Dear Dropshippers, What is your opinion on the current war scenario in the gulf and route via Africa and new developments in the Pak - Iran conflict? please share your opinion and possible impact on our business. best regards, kdb
  2. K

    Requesting a feature. Adding the shipping cost to the product price after the pricing method has been applied.

    Okay, seriously Alidropship team please add this feature so that we can choose to add the shipping cost to the product price ourselves.
  3. F

    Shipping in Multiple Countries.

    Basically, I am uploading all my products targeting USA market. So, the pricing goes by the way. But I see, shipping charge does not follow the same when the destinations is selected for other countries like Canada, UK, UAE etc. In most cases, due to increasing shipping charges, final product...
  4. trixxmanaty

    conflict on shipping for own products

    Hi there, Please kindly assist. I am new to how the shipping on the alidropship plugin for Woocommerce works. I have set up a flat rate for my own products if the total cost is below $50 and free shipping for the cart with a minimum of $100. I have also set up a shipping class for my own...
  5. Leonardibong

    I Having Problem with Shipping Method Please Help

    On my store when checking out there's an option for customers to either ship from china or united states and each time there choose united state the shipping cost is always more than the product price and am offering free shipping. How do i fix this please
  6. Mahavir Surana

    Add Shipping Charge Section in Supplier Info.

    Sir, Suggest to add "Shipping Charge" Section in Supplier Info. So that seller known the product's shipping charges. And also there is option to add it in selling price. On this section display only minimum shipping charges from the suppliers shipping options Or Display all options to...
  7. apislerr

    Shipping Option

    Can we added other shipping courier such DHL, EMS, other than of e-packet or free shipping? Is there any reference for shipping cost as mention? Thanks for reply
  8. LusciousLizzy

    Hide Free Shipping for Classes in Table Rate?

    I am trying to configure my shipping rates using Table Rate shipping plugin. I have chokers in their own shipping class. Customers will be charged $4.99 shipping per each Choker with a coupon code. Everything else on my site is free shipping. I want to display Free Shipping for all items...