product categories

  1. Bmuzammil

    Search box for finding the categories and the text is difficult to...

    Search box for finding the categories and the text is difficult to read/find when it breaks to the second line.
  2. GreekDropshiper

    Problem With SEO | Can Anyone Give A Hand Please ?

    Greetings my friends. Now days i am trying to fix everything that has to do with SEO on my home page and on all product categories before i start import any products. Got 2 problems. 1) Home page meta derscription of my store on google show the phone number, contact details, street and email...
  3. daniel-97

    Rubens Theme - Product Categories Question

    Hello everyone, I'm creating my shop with Rubens theme and come across some problems like below, hope you can help me find solutions: 1. I'm creating categories and let's say for "Fashion", I created 3 categories as "Men", "Women" and "Children". I put products in "Women" and "Men" categories...
  4. tubefeed

    Raphael theme - changing the order of items on a Product category page

    How do I chance the order of items on a Product category page. I cannot see how these are ordered. It does not appear to be alphabetically. It doesn't seem to be in date added order either. I want to be able to change the order so that like items appear together for easy comparison. At the...
  5. tubefeed

    Raphael theme - number of items shown in a product category page

    How can I change the number of products shown on a page to ALL? It is currently set to 20 and I have 29 products in my biggest category. I don't like users have to scroll to a second page of products as I think that they probably won't even do this.
  6. Bamise

    Product Image Not Showing on the Category Page

    Hi, Please what do you think I have done wrong that some of my product images are not showing on the category page, but they show up on the single page product. what could be the reason for this? @Christina
  7. D

    SEO for product categories

    Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to set the Meta Tags of the product categories as I noticed it has a predefined one, but don't know where to change it to set it to all categories automatically.
  8. R

    Problem with Category Title Display

    Hello, I am using the Rembrandt theme. Could someone tell me why, when you click on a category in the menu, that the display heading title (that's the heading under the menu but before the product images) is showing OK for some categories, yet in others it is just showing as "<img src=''...
  9. C

    Display more products on Davinci theme HOME,PRODUCT, PRODUCT CATEGORIES

    Good Day Please advise how to increase the number of items displaying on home, product and product categories page? If users can also just scroll down and have an option for load more same as on mobile view. Please advise. Regards
  10. Sockis

    Menu categories not showing when hovering cursor on them

    Hi! The categories used to appear on my website's main menu when hovering on "Products". I'm not sure when it stopped showing my product categories... I tried already updating plugins and the theme and checking that the sub categories really are dragged under the categories in menu options...
  11. Dmitri

    In my webstore how to automate "Best Sellers" category?

    Hello my fellow Dropshippers, I am setting up my first webstore, working right now to add products into their respective categories. And was wondering is it possible for one product category "Best Sellers" to be populated automatically based on orders sold. Right now it is as regular category...