1. Jamesjnr

    AVAILABLE: Selling Alidropship Plugin!

    Anybody interested in buying Alidropship Plugin for $75! DM if interested.
  2. S

    Selling Alidropship Plugin

    Anybody interested in buying Alidropship Plugin, please contact...
  3. A

    Can anyone help me find suitable tools for my website?

    I understand it's a bit offtopic, but I need help. Currently I'm building my own website with the help of Squarespace sitebuilder as I can't hire a developer to do it. And I've decided do add a few plugins to it to make it more convenient for me and users as well. Choosing the platform wasn't...
  4. A

    How to change cdn from to another

    Hi,I am from India.but my targeted countries are others. I use AliDropship original.My site uses all images from except products variation images.And that's why,from India when I open my site,the images aren't showing.But there is a twist,the images are showing when I use broadband...
  5. sha77

    Password protecting AliDropship plugin section?

    Is it possible to protect the AliDropship plugin section for an admin user? Occasionally there is a need to provide admin user rights to various outside people to check a plugins, SEO, etc and in these cases it would be useful to be able to block part of the wordpress installation, such as the...
  6. C

    License Key

    Hello, I just purchased the Alidropship Plug In but when I enter the license key it says wrong product. I read I need to reset it. Is there anyone that can help me? (I have emailed support with my info but it’s taking quite a while.)
  7. Romanof54

    Store For Sale

    I created this store October 2018 working on development part time and going live with products summer 2019. I developed a highly intuitive site and had some good feedback on it's layout and functionality. Had some great responses with a FB boost too. - Running on the original alidropship...
  8. clean4lifefr

    Nothing's working now

    Hi, I did my Woocomerce plugin update and my Alidropship for Woocommerce crashed. It doesn't work since. I asked for support via e-mail on Thursday and didn't get any feedback. I tried to update the Alidropship plugin to the version but I still have problems. I don't have the option...
  9. Michael Fridman

    Safe to Upgrade Alidropship Plugin?

    Hello, is it safe for me to upgrade the plugin? I'm using Davinci theme, will it work fine? Thank you!
  10. M

    Alidropship Plugin Crash Google Chrome

    After 10 minutes of work the Alidropship Plugin doesn't worn anymore Everyday is the same It's impossible to work for me in this way Sometimes after 30 minutes I have to close the browser and then start again losing all pages opened . Sometimes even with this doesn't work , it's like the...
  11. Bamise

    Error with All Bundle Plugin

    Hi, I just bought the Bundle Addon not too long, but i can't use them due to different error after uploading the plugin, Like PHP 7.2 error, almost all the bundle except the Rabbit SM Post What can do to resolve all this? @Yaros @Christina
  12. P

    Could not insert post into the database - Alidropship Plugin Error

    I am getting error on aliexpress while fetching products. Error is "Could not insert post into the database" Please check the attached image. 1) I have 20gb hosting space and its only 5gb used. So 15gb is still available. 2) Inodes are also 60% available. 3) I deleted 15-20 products and tried...
  13. D

    Custom Plugin Creation

    Hi, I wonder if it is possible to ask for a custom plugin (add-on) for the Alidropship (Original not Woo) to the Alidropship Team, paying of course.
  14. WeBulkSale

    Which LIVE CHAT plug-in is effective?

    Currently we have Tawk.To. Is there any alternate to it that could offer better user interface?
  15. mduncanvm

    What PayPal Plugin for AliWoo are you using?

    I am not sure I like the one I am using, it creates a popup, blacks out the page and leads away to Paypal. Is there a nice one that stays on the checkout of the site? I am afraid people click away and I don't capture all the data on my site as they right away click to paypal and then maybe not...
  16. D

    Single product promo page

    Single product promo page not working I downloaded it, installed, activated, but is not working When I click in promo landing plugin does not appear nothing What can I do?
  17. M

    Prices disappeared on products

    Hello. I have a dropshipping store. But all of the prices disappeared. I have the plugin updated to the latest version. But the prices on products seemed to have disappeared. Please help. My store is not working, therefore I am not making any money. This is over for me. Please help.
  18. T

    Plugin bundle for sale( sold)

    no longer need it I took another path all for $120 obo PayPal ready AliDropship Plugin license yes Facebook Business license yes Recent Sales Pop-Up license yes Countdown Timer license yes Wp-Rocket- Speed up your WordPress website, more traffic, conversions and money with WP Rocket...
  19. AryanShirani

    Social Rabbit Bugs & Problems

    Hi everybody, i am writing this post to list some bugs and problems that i had in the past few month of Social Rabbit that i could not resolve/understand. 1. Social Rabbit Instagram Promotion function: Actually Social Rabbit post more comments on the same photo but with a distance of a few...
  20. D

    Switch to woocommerce version

    Hello everyone I just wanted to ask: I am using alidropship plug in but I want to switch to woocommerce version. My products will be deleted of he import list if I switch to woocommerce version? Thank you regards