1. JaturontThan

    Will I be able to hold the payment from buyers before passing it to suppliers?

    Hello guys, I'm new to the Alidropship Woocommerce Plugin and am trying to understand the system. Once a buyer made a purchase on my website. Will I be able to hold the money for a review before I can make a payment to the supplier? Or does it go through to the supplier automatically and...
  2. C

    How to sort payment options at checkout - Alidropship original plugin

    Hello, We would like to move Stripe payment option as the first payment option on checkout before PayPal on Alidropship plugin. Is there a snippet code we can use to make Stripe first and Paypal the second payment option on checkout?
  3. M

    PrMoney convenient payment aggregator

    Acceptance of payments for HIGH RISK projects. Payment system, more than 8 years on the market. PrMoney accepts payments for HIGH RISK projects with different payment geography, such as: • Forex • Bookmakers (Betting) • Partnership programs • HYIPs • Binary options • Crypto projects...
  4. W

    High volume purchases on Aliexpress - Best Method of Payment?

    Hi, I use a credit card to make purchases on Aliexpress but this card has a monthly credit limit of € 4,000 and my monthly sales are more than € 15,000 ... what method of payment is advisable on Aliexpress when the volume of purchases is high? I currently have 3 credit cards but I don't think...
  5. Morgan

    Why did Stripe close the integration with our WooCommerce store, and what payment alternatives are there?

    Hi. My team and I have been working to create a website for drop-shipping the previous weeks. Everything was coming along nicely, with Stripe set up and test payments successfully made. When out of the blue, I receive an alarming message from Stripe informing us that our website is considered...
  6. S

    IPN for paypal

    Hello fam, What is the IPN link for payment notifiction for the new alidropship plugin?
  7. J

    Variations images not loading; Automatic payment unavailable

    hi, Bought the plugin and installed it but having some issues. I believe i'm using the AliDropship Woo plugin (ie, have installed the woocommerce myself) issues: Automatic payment doesn't seem to be available. Variations images not loading. Some items load in their native language…. How...
  8. A

    3 issues , payment, contact, and userlogin

    Hello i am new to alidropship i'm having some issues first the payment method i have setup the payment method strip , it is not working i dont knw why. second issue is about the contact us page , when ever i m submitting any thing on contact page it is moving to thankyou page , which is not...
  9. Freestyler86

    Payment suggestion!!!

    Hello, I still develop my store, I'm focused on B2B sales. Most of the business owners prefer bank transfer as payment method. Can you add this as an option on payment settings? Will be very nice if we have this feature. Waiting for your reply!
  10. wanabud

    DOKU Bisnis Payment

    is there any of my friends here who have experience integrating alidropship plugin with DOKU payment (Indonesian Payment)? Because I've seen Aliexpress website compatible with DOKU payment for indonesian customer. I hope alidropship can be integrate with DOKU ( )...
  11. AryanShirani

    Starting to use Stripe

    Hi, few days ago i have created an account with stripe, but i don't understand if my account is verified and i can start earning money with it. What i should check ? Thanks a lot!
  12. AryanShirani

    Payment Methods

    Hi, i would like to add a payment method to my store, i already have paypal but seems complicated for who don't have any paypal account and would like to pay with credit or debit cart, i know that even with paypal is possible to do so, but looks that for somebody is complicated to understand...
  13. Nova

    Help me to get any Payment Gateway

    Hello, Someone, please help me. I'm trying to connect any payment gateway.. and no results :( First of all, i've tried to connect a PayPal. Because i'm from Russia and i can't use a personal account, there is no API options, it's only at Business account. I created a Business account, sent...
  14. P

    Payment Gateway for Peru

    Dear Specialists, I'm from Peru. All available options for alidropship plugin are very expensives in my country, including paypal for get money or international transfer, taxes are very expensives.. I have a choice, its Culqui, at They have good prices for service and put...
  15. Max B

    PayPal Payment Pending

    Hi I have an issue. Right now I have got a few payments that are Pending through PayPal. Yet the Alidropship plugin is saying that the item is Paid status. Is there a way to have a Pending Status so I accidentally dont order the item before getting the money? Right now the plugin thinks that...
  16. Mar

    Money gram as mode of payment

    I'm wondering if I can add money gram as mode of payment in my Alidropship store, this is for customers who are not fans of credit cards due to fear of scams.
  17. Quadra Services

    International Payment Gateway for Pakistan

    We offer International Payment Gateway and USA echeck solutions to merchants selling the products and services outside Pakistan. The type of industries accepted are Garments Tech Support Non-Controlled Pharma - Echeck only Herbal Import Export Web Hosting SEO SMO Internet Marketing Startups...
  18. Hammad Hussain

    One2Pay Merchant Account

    Hello anyone using for payment processing.
  19. Bamise

    Payment Gateway for Africa

    Please can someone recommend the payment gateway that I can use here in Africa.... ? Don't know how to use 2checkout.... and nèd help from expertise who know how Striped work..
  20. L

    How to add credit card to payment?

    Which system you will suggest to use? What about their commission? I have PayPal business account activated and added to the store, but what about credit cards .Any suggestions? Thanks