import products

  1. M

    Unable to import products

    Hi, I am unable to import new products. When I click on Import button it starts working but at the end do not import product and show "X" sign. as shown in screenshot. Please guide. Thanks
  2. wanabud

    To authorize your site, click AliDropship extension icon on your browser panel.

    Hello, I can't import products to my website, it always showing notification like this: To authorize your site, click AliDropship extension icon on your browser panel. I already authorize it. Please I need your support. Thank you Best Regards, Wanabud
  3. L

    extension-import products

    I want to know if when I click in the green bulk import in the top right side in aliexpress, did I must wait for the import or I can go to another page and continue import more products. and also if I click the green bulk import and close the aliexpress window did the progress will continue to...
  4. Julius Suralta

    ALIDROPSHIP Google Chrome Extension pickup everything

    Hi, I bought 6 license of AliDropship before and i just noticed recently that when i IMPORT PRODUCTS using GOOGLE CHROME extension. It transfer everything to my server. I am talking about the images. It flooded by media folder. For one product alone, i have almost 50 files. I remember before...
  5. Mairon Benevides

    New Plugin to Migrate Product from one Site to Another

    I developed a plugin as alidropship plugin extension to to migrate products added in on site to another. You just have to install the plugin in both sites and set parameters only in "importer". You can adjust many itens. The main features are about categories. You can add category...
  6. D

    Green Ali Express shipping screen blocks photo's when product importing

    Hi there, I'm just setting up a store with the Alidropshipping plugin & the Chrome Extension. So when i go to look at the products, when they are grouped together in their categories, as i try to scroll down, the majority of the "product photo's" get blanked out with a green screen and Ali...
  7. R

    To start adding products to your store, open another browser tab with AliDropship plugin importing s

    I am trying to use the "Direct import" function to add products manually from ali express as the plugin does not show most items or items with ePacket. I get the below error message on the aliexpress website: "to start adding products to your store, please open another browser tab with...
  8. Snowing

    Importing products from seller's page?!

    Hey All.. First of all, I want to thank the AliDropShip support team for their great help throw e-mail tickets, Next, Why can't we import products from seller's page (supplier) as we do from the main aliexpress pages? When opening supplier page, we need to open every product in new page, so the...
  9. E

    Direct Import Issue

    Hello, I've just started to use Alidropship but I am having an issue with the direct import plugin, I am using Chrome, loading the import products page, clicking on direct import and then finding the items, clicking on the shopping cart with the + on it, it will then import 1 item and no more...
  10. kurnia

    Imported products couldn't be found in WP

    I have imported products. After that, I looked back in WP, I couldn't find them in Product Categories section as shown in the pic. I have tried my times but it only added the number of import list without displaying the products in the product categories of my WP. FYI, I have signed in...
  11. N

    Product Updates - No "On Sale"

    Hello, When we do a price update, and if the product is "on sale" the plugin imports that "on sale" to our store. i.e. it will set that product "on sale" on our store to. It's possible only to update the price? Thanks and Regards to all