1. blackopzfx

    Thank You Page - Conversion Code - Alidropship {Sale Amount} Available?

    Quick question. I have the following conversion code in the 'Customization/Thank You' script. Currently I'm having to use the value 1.0 - Is there a way to get the Sale Amount? Wondering if there's a script value I can access since this is the page after a successful sale? If so, what is it...
  2. sha77

    Customers being charged the wrong prices on PayPal

    The prices I get from AliExpress are in USD, which is the default in the AliDropship plugin. These are converted to EURO by the AliDropship currency exchange plugin every 24 hours. However, when a customer is buying a product they are taken to PayPal, which use their own currency exchange rate...
  3. V

    How to make of a digital flyer or catalogue page a real sales page

    Hi everybody, There's never a second chance for a good first impression ... don't fire your advertising in Google, Facebook etc. into an empty space and burn money for nothing. Increase your ROAS with links to well prepared landing pages which are optimised for conversions. if you want to get...
  4. V

    Integration of sales funnels in AliDropship

    Hi all, I have been checking again, which alternatives to Oberlo are out there in the iSpace, however, the one and only good one is AliDropship. Nothing more to say about that. Considering that eCom stores with Wordpress and WooCommerce or Wordpress and AliDropship are an accountable and...
  5. Sadoun

    Tips on converting website visitors to BUYERS

    What are your TIPS on converting website visitors to BUYERS? How do you attract visitors to spend more time browsing your products and website pages? What has been the average conversion rate for your website? What's your suggestions on retaining buyers and encourage them to return back to your...
  6. A


    WEBSITE: Ever heard of Hotjar? You've probably heard of Hotjar, right? If you do not know the tool, you do not know what you are missing out on. Hotjar is an All-In-One Analytics tool, but it is not a Google Analytics competitor, but a complement. What are the features of...
  7. B

    A lot of views no conversions

    Hi everyone! I'm a new user of dropship woo. So far so good, I think the website looks good, I have a lot of site views since day 1 (it was over 4k) and basically every day I'm reaching close to 2k views... and NO CONVERSIONS... I sold 6 items so far for whole amount od 120$, the shop is...
  8. AryanShirani

    Top Selling Products Not Displaying True Data

    Hi, so as the title, on the website Top Selling Section is not displaying the top selling products, just random products, is not useful at all... This is very important because top selling products are the best products on store usually and most promoted and haveing them on the main section of...
  9. AryanShirani

    Terms & Condition takes you out from checkout

    Hi, i would like to fix this little problem of the "Terms & Condition" link in the checkout page, unfortunately if a user click on the link to read it, it will refresh the page and leave the checkout page. So terms & condition should open on a new tab because even if you go back to the checkout...
  10. tamzy

    Theme Conversion Rate

    Has anyone done a test to see which of the three available AliDropship themes converts the best? I've noticed that on the sites (that I've seen) that Yaros runs, he uses the DaVinci theme. Anybody have any concrete or anecdotal info about this that they want to share?
  11. A

    Google Conversion Script? Possible?

    Hey guys, I am setting up my conversion script for Google Adwords and am trying to figure out where to put it and how to switch out the set conversion value with a dynamic one form my store. Anyone done this before in AliDropship? Here is the code: <!-- Google Code for Conversion Conversion...