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Ever heard of Hotjar?
You've probably heard of Hotjar, right? If you do not know the tool, you do not know what you are missing out on.

Hotjar is an All-In-One Analytics tool, but it is not a Google Analytics competitor, but a complement.

What are the features of Hotjar?
Heat Maps - Understand what users want and what they interact with on your site, visually representing their clicks, and scrolling behavior. According to the image below, you can see as in Crazy Egg, the most clicked areas of the site, represented by the hottest color of the click.

Recordings - Here it gets to get legal the deal. :) With Hotjar you can record in videos what the users have done on the site or on a certain page of it.

Imagine how rich it is to analyze in videos what the user has done on your site before you leave, or the flow of people who buy. It's just cool right?

With recordings, you can still create filters within the videos to only analyze mobile traffic, from the people who came out in the cart, that is, you can target your review to your question.

Conversion Funnels - Did you think it was over? The tool has one of my favorite features, the conversion funnels.

Conversion funnels are similar to Google Analytics functionality too, GA shows the pages where the user leaves your site before converting and Hotjar does the same thing, with only 1 difference in video! :)

So it is possible to analyze where the user leaves the site and run videos of the most abandoned page!

Form Analysis - Just like the conversion funnels, there is also the form analysis where you can analyze the abandonment of users in the steps of the contact form and thus in addition to analyzing in which step the user leaves, it is also possible to see the video of that behavior.

Hotjar Polls - My Favorite! Hotjar Polls allows you to search your pages for specific pages, for example when you are leaving the cart page, checkout, or even a specific landing page.

This function is very good, because in addition to being able to speak to the user when he is leaving a page for example, the multiple choice facilitates the response also of the user.

You can understand how Hotjar can help you right?