How to make of a digital flyer or catalogue page a real sales page

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Hi everybody,

There's never a second chance for a good first impression ... don't fire your advertising in Google, Facebook etc. into an empty space and burn money for nothing. Increase your ROAS with links to well prepared landing pages which are optimised for conversions.

if you want to get sales and conversion, a clumsy Wordpress product page is not enough. 3-4 images and a couple of bullet points do not haul any customer out of his comfort zone ... and makes him or her buy something from you.

There has to be an eye-catching headline that creates interest to read further, an interesting product story, the USP's (unique selling points, that explain why to buy from you and not somewhere else), a clear listing of the problems people have without the product and an even clearer listing of all the fantastic advantages the product gives to the visitor when he purchases it. He or she wants to know, what's in for him or her.
The text should be broken up in sections so the speed reader can decide what he or she wants to read and there should be more that only one call-to-action button on the page.

Although you might already have done a nice product description, like for example on a page like there is still missing the trigger to make the visitor not only watch but to buy. That's the biggest challenge for online-shops: CONVERSION.

Good examples for sales pages are for example
- or

Please watch the difference between the desktop version of these product pages and the mobile version. These product pages are optimised for mobile end devices as, at least in my case, more than 80% of the visitors come in by mobile phone.

I am just changing all the product pages of my own website because I realised the immense difference of visitor behaviour and conversions.

If you would like to get similar pages and want to know about prices, delivery time and general conditions please contact me by private message or through my website. We'll do the job for you on your existing website with Wordpress and the AliDropship Plugin.
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