alidropship woo

  1. Bmuzammil

    Abandoned Cart add-on requires AliDropship Woo plugin for its proper work

    AliDropship Woo how do I fix this error? Check the screenshot please.
  2. Bmuzammil

    Price is not updating automatically after I split the variations

    Plugin version: alidropship Woo I have to manually update the variation price ( Edit Product > Update Product ) after I split all variations and add tags again. Please tell me this is going to get fixed in the upcoming update soon :/ And Please give the option to split all variations in just...
  3. Nava

    alidropship woo tracking page

    Hello good people, is there any link or short code or something, that i can create a tracking page for customers in my website? I am not using alidropship theme so couldn't find any template or link for it. Regards Nava
  4. sonnyrosario

    Error de cambio de moneda en la página del producto y la tienda

    Hola buenos amigos y amigas! Yo he buscado en las publicaciones del foro y no he podido encontrar algún post que hable sobre este problema. Un cliente me envía dos capturas donde muestra que el precio de la página del producto está en su moneda local, pero la moneda que muestra la barra...
  5. R

    Creating unique attribute sets for each product at import

    Developers, could you please let us have the option in the Alidropship Woo plugin so that every time we import a product, that product receives a new unique set of attributes in the back end? Here is my situation: Let's say in Aliexpress the first product is "Bracelet" with the only Attribute...
  6. R

    Missing phone number causes a bug

    So I'm using Alidropship Woo plugin, and I discovered that if you don't put a default phone number in your own settings AND if the customer doesn't input a phone number, then if you click "Place order automatically", the product gets correctly added to your cart in Aliexpress, and on the next...
  7. I

    Duplicate entry + Slow Query + Php error

    Hi i am having duplicate entry/slow query in my dropshipping woocommerce website. also checked my php errorlog and i see over 4482 error that states below: [12-Oct-2019 20:29:26 UTC] WordPress database error Duplicate entry '65444-9' for key 'PRIMARY' for query INSERT INTO...
  8. T

    Unable to import products for Alidropship Woo

    Hello, I am suddenly unable to import products - the import and edit buttons no longer work! I think it's because of the Chrome Extension update Could you please check?
  9. T

    Address Fields not filling up after Version Update

    Hello, There's an issue with automatically fulfilling orders after the Version update for Alidropship Woo - the address fields do not automatically fill up when placing an order. This problem occurs when trying to fulfil an order automatically - the screen just gets stuck at the...
  10. Protik

    Product Variation Menu Issue

    How to stop this drop down variation menu? I'm using Alidropship Woo Plugin on WooCommerce store built with OceanWP theme. The square variation box is the feature of Alidropship Woo plugin you all know guys. But it did not replace itself with the default variation drop-down menu, rather it is...
  11. A

    Order Address different from Shipping Address

    Hi, I am setting up a dropshipping store and while going through I found out that many sellers require order address AND shipping address to MATCH EXACTLY. But given the orders amount it looks like they do supply dropshippers. Since I am from India and my billing address is an...
  12. C

    Can I add a cross sell/bundle where if you buy one product you get the other for free?

    I have Alidropship woo but when I add cross sells to a product it just shows up next to it in the shopping cart as if it were an upsell. Can i not create a bundle using cross sells to make another product discounted or free with the purchase of a main product?
  13. yadrop

    Why all prices are different when I'm not logged ???

    Hello, I don't know why the prices of my products are not the same when I'm not logged to my site. Example: I set a product at 25€. When I'm connected I see the price 25€. But when I'm not logged, the price is less than 25€. Do you have an explication? Thank you
  14. A

    Ppst lost while addin new itema

    I was using alidropship's stardard theme but i wanted to change to this new theme so i asked somebody to help me switch theme - at first he did ok. Then he was going to add extra items but when he started to add the new items all my item variables and some images ahve dissapeared i am not...
  15. Areeb

    Alidropship vs alidropship woo plugin?

    What's the difference between alidropship plugin and alidropship woo plugin?
  16. L

    PHP 7.2 and ioncube Fatal error

    Hi, I'm hosted on a VPS. Following Alidropship Woo plugin requirements I installed ioncube and activated ioncube. Since i'm on PHP 7.2 is installed ioncube for PHP 7.2. When i try to activate the plugin I get this error : Fatal error: The file...
  17. Z

    Is there any solution to the huge folder images created on alids woo ?

    So guys, i've been importing products to my site, and right now I have like 2000 products and 262.144 file on my folder, and more than 250.000 are Images! Is there any way to fix this? or do something with the images?
  18. Aarubi

    Gallery images is not uploaded with the product when I import products ?

    I am using Alidropship woo plugin, When I import the products from aliexpress there is no gallery images uploaded to my image library. How can solve this?
  19. C

    Variation problem

    Hello, I am having problems with the variations. I have disabled all the variations that I don't want to appear on the front end, but since the 0.7.2 update, they are now showing. Do I delete the unwanted variations using remove? Will the product stock and price still update correctly if I do...
  20. Elke

    Possible to do Affiliate Marketing?

    Hello, Question 1: I an wanting to promote my site using affiliate marketing and am wanting to know if anyone knows how to or if there are any options for generating codes or anything in order to facilitate the affiliate marketing? Question 2: I have now been told by someone in the IT...