alidropship for woo

  1. Sergei Alidropship

    Alidropship Woo ver. 1.6.65

    Fixed: - Reviews import with images only - Fixes for Alishipping addon (release on 01.02.2024) - Order processing via API Important: Before Alishipping addon release, please, update your products. Before updating your products, please, authorize in API in any of your orders. Next release (1st...
  2. K

    Requesting a feature. Adding the shipping cost to the product price after the pricing method has been applied.

    Okay, seriously Alidropship team please add this feature so that we can choose to add the shipping cost to the product price ourselves.
  3. C

    Alidropship plugin does not processing the purchase orders automatically - Brazilian Store

    Premises: - Alidropship plugin for woocommerce - Website hosting in Hostgator - DNS pointed in Cloud Flare In my Brazilian store I'm having a problem to process the purchase orders automatically. In all cases are being necessary to fill all customer data manually. I prepared the sequence slides...
  4. E

    Plugin not working - freezing on status cleaning shopping cart

    The alidropship plugin is not working anymore in my woocommerce stores When I click on 'Place order auotmatically initialy the process will start as normal But When status becomes cleaning shopping cart it does not do anything anymore, see attachment How to solve this? Thanks in advance It...
  5. A

    Payment options

    Hello, I am creating my store but I am not registered as a business. What payment options can I add to my website. I'm a foreigner where I live and registration is quite difficult. What affordable payment options can I use to receive card payment without a business registration. Thank you
  6. R

    feature images are not Showing

    whenever we are importing products our product is coming but the feature image is not showing. We just can't understand why? we have full filled all the requirements even the extension of Ali dropship is alright but still, we are facing a problem. Can you please solve it?
  7. wallacemix

    Compatible theme

    Hello! Would anyone know if the Generatepress or Electro theme is compatible with Alidropship Woo? Sorry for my English, using the google translator. Thank you
  8. I

    Duplicate entry + Slow Query + Php error

    Hi i am having duplicate entry/slow query in my dropshipping woocommerce website. also checked my php errorlog and i see over 4482 error that states below: [12-Oct-2019 20:29:26 UTC] WordPress database error Duplicate entry '65444-9' for key 'PRIMARY' for query INSERT INTO...
  9. wanabud

    Can I Change my Alidropship Plugin to Alidropship For woocommerce?

    Hello, Please I need your support about this: Can I Change my Alidropship Plugin to Alidropship For woocommerce? Thank you Best Regards, Nofel
  10. khurram017

    Alidropship Woo Plugin for Subdomains

    Hi I’m running a store using AliDropship’s Woo Plugin. I want to know that can I use it on my subdomain too or I need to buy one more copy of plugin? For example, following are my domains: 1. (primary domain) 2. (subdomain) Thanks
  11. R

    Da Vinci 2.0 Woo theme functionality issues

    I love the Da Vinci 2.0 theme as it solved a lot of problems for me... however the functionality has changed in the last week and I'm not sure what the issue is. Currently on PHP 7.2.16 after upgrading, but this has not changed anything. I own the alidropship woo plugin. - The sliders on the...
  12. Göran Tell

    PHP-version 7.3?

    I wonder when is alidropship plugin for woocommerce going to work with php 7.3, with that i mean when is the plugin for just that version comes out for downloading?