feature images are not Showing


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whenever we are importing products our product is coming but the feature image is not showing. We just can't understand why? we have full filled all the requirements even the extension of Ali dropship is alright but still, we are facing a problem. Can you please solve it?


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Delete permanently the product and try to reimport it... this time wait around 3-5 minute depend of your server speed and aliexpress, untill the extension take all the image from aliexpress!


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i did it and still is tucked on 176 products not imported. also i cancelled all the products that didnt import the images


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Ok so is possible conflict with other plugins.

Deactivate all you plugin expect alidropship and woocomerce if you have and try again to import a product.

If this fix your issue ,then enable one by one the plugin until you find the one which conflict with alidropship plugin.
Thank you for reaching us.
My name is Egor, I am a manager of Alidropship Support Team.

You can send the credentials to me in private conversation.