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    Remove the BEST DEALS and NEW ARRIVALS

    Would be interested too in this.
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    Is the Yoast SEO plugin compatible?

    No, I just before everything changed to post name but not with the plugin.
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    Send an article to draft if the available quantity is 0

    This would be helpful I think.
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    Do not show the sold number BUT show the number of units available

    I might oversee something but it seems that if I uncheck Enable quantity of orders: then I don't see the quantity available. I think it would be nice to hide the quantity of orders but to show the number of articles available.
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    Is the Yoast SEO plugin compatible?

    I have the Yoast plugin installed and did not yet remark any issues.
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    Is it possible to create a coupon which is working for one special product only?

    I do not want that the customer can use a let's say 1USD coupn on another product. Just for one product. Is this possible?
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    Importing all items from a specific store

    I totally agree that there is work and time to put into the store. Importing for me means get all the items I am interested in into my import list. I am doing this normally manually. Then I review each and every article and edit the text, get rid of the "We luv Ya 4 buying with us" text, the...
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    Importing all items from a specific store

    Is it possible and I didn't see how? If not than this is a suggestion. I found some stores with nice pis without store number etc and with nice text for the products I want to sell. It is very time consuming to import all products one by one manually. Please have a look into this ;-) Thank you.
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    Translating Alidropship to Another Language

    And I would like to use German, French, English and Thai ;-)
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    Local Wordpress test with the Microsoft Web Platform Installer

    Hello Yaros, The idea with the membership area to manage the key is a very good one! BR Ulros
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    Local Wordpress test with the Microsoft Web Platform Installer

    Yes I did this too, being live and trying there. But I would like to have a test and a productive site. test is local of course. If I kill something inside it does not affect my productive site.
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    Wordpress Email

    If I use a google apps email or paid email it should be fine I think but could I use them with the plugin?
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    Local Wordpress test with the Microsoft Web Platform Installer

    Is it possible to test the shop with a local Wordpress installation and then to upload it if I have bought the plugin and I have registered the domain name already? I would like to use the Microsoft Web Platform Installer to install a local Wordpress on my computer. Then I install the plugin...
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    Main Menu left side / Products / Categories best practice?

    I add more and more categories. When I add them on the main menu left side then they will take too much space downwards. If I add only some of them then the customer thinks that I don't have more products. What would be the best practice to not display a too long list of categories but still...
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    Contact Us page - how to edit the content?

    I wanted to edit the content of the Contact Us page which is a page called contact-us. When I go there with the page edit then I can't see any content. The site itself is displaying the content... What do I miss?