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    Sale Countdown

    Hello team, could you include a plugin like Hurrify which the Shopify guys use for creating urgency in purchasing? Along those lines, could Yaros or Victoria, confirm if something like this: will work with our Alidropship plugin? Thank you.
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    AliDropship Themes Update

    Hi Victoria, I have not made any customizations to my site's theme other than the ones the Alidropship team themselves made when they built the site - my theme is DaVinci. Should I go ahead and update the theme to the latest update?
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    New store + good strategy

    Yup, I totally agree - that's why when i read about these sites with Game of thrones stuff and the like there's a strange feeling about it although they make sales.
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    Free Plus Shipping Setup

    Hello, how do I setup and group some products into a Free Plus Shipping category for a Facebook Free Plus Shipping Campaign?. What I want to do is set those products' prices to 0.00 but set the associated shipping cost to $9.99 when they're checking out. How do I do this? Thank you.
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    Google Shopping Ads?

    Yaro, any updates on this integrator?
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    New store + good strategy

    Your answer is inconclusive. You're basically saying you think it is ok because you do it yourself and also because it drives traffic to your site. Has anyone on here had any issues? I remember @kingpin saying somewhere if my memory is correct, that he stays away from branded products. @kingpin...
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    New store + good strategy

    Question to all - Is it ok to sell stuff like the Game Of Thrones branded products, Superman stuff etc? Aren't there copyright infringement issues here? Just curious. Thanks
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    $28,000+ in sales with a brand new store

    Oh I just wanted more information on what the outcome was. Sorry I wasn't clear. BTW - are your tools available for use now? purchase or whatever?
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    Store for sale [SOLD]

    Interested, please pm me and lets talk.