Free Plus Shipping Setup

Hello, how do I setup and group some products into a Free Plus Shipping category for a Facebook Free Plus Shipping Campaign?.

What I want to do is set those products' prices to 0.00 but set the associated shipping cost to $9.99 when they're checking out. How do I do this?

Thank you.
Thank you so much for the reply. I'm using the Woocommerce version of the AliDropship plugin. The shipping settings are setup within the Woocommerce settings.


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I will try to explain this in nutshell on how to do it.

There are many plugins out there that make this easy. Some are table rate shipping plugin, advanced shipping classes and all these are paid plugins

There's is one paid plugin from codecanyon named as per product shipping that's a good plugin.

Free way is create shipping classes

Say u have three products named T-shirt, mug, pen

Mug aliexpress price = $3
T-shirt = 6$
Pen= 2$

And you want to sell them for free and charge them as shipping cost to grab sales.

Say you created three different shipping classes in woocommerce with name
Free shirt
Free pen
Free mug

And assigned shipping cost for them as 9.25$ respectively

Now goto the product that you want as free product , edit the product and motivate to the area in product edit page where it shows to put shipping classes
Choose the correct class there and thats it . Save the changes.

But there is an issue when you'll do that

Say a customer adding to the cart a product which is free +paid shipping and a product which is paid + free shipping will make the customer confused

Or if the the customer add same T-shirt too many times still the shipping cost will be only 9.25$ or anything that you'll assign.

To make this not to happen install a plugin which is free named as single product checkout

And thats all. You'll have things perfectly working
Thanks for the help! Really appreciate it. Will go and give this a try and see if I can get it right. I have one other question though, will it be possible for the customer to buy more than 1 free + shipping item and then just stack up the shipping and handling cost?


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Hi, I’m a newbie, just got my store set-up.

1. I also would like to know Free+Shipping Set-up. I want to install Countdown Timer in WP plugin for this purpose. I bought the Alidropship package not the plugin. Can this be done? I’m assuming that Alidropship is woocommerce based. Can someone please clarify?

2. I have non-aliexpress products that I want to include in my store. How can I set-up pricing, variations, shipping, etc. WITHOUT interfering with the current set-up?