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    Just another guy trying to make some $ with Dropshipping

    Alright, looks like the Chinese new year situation is almost over. I am going to start promoting my store after the weekend, I will try a FB campaign first and see how it goes and take it from there. Also landed a random sale (First Sale!!) about 2 weeks ago thru my IG account BIO link, which...
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    Just another guy trying to make some $ with Dropshipping

    Hi, Dec. 31st here and I will definitely fail on goal #1 :P, have not launched the site yet because I want to see some updates to the plugin/theme first. I am not throwing money at this until I know everything works fine on the technical end and I will most likely be traveling for the next 1-2...
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    Took some time but we did it-our first store

    Hi! Cats are awesome ;). Just a couple things that I would change: - domain should just be 2stupidcats without the shopify stuff in the end - background I would just go with white or something else easy on the eyes - logo takes a lot of your prime space, make it smaller or build in nav bar...
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    ZbigniewPL Journey

    Congrats on that nice sale! :) ^ this is a great plan!
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    Nicks Journey

    Hi Nick, don't quit just yet, you got the traffic already :), try experimenting with prices first and if you haven't yet get a chat plugin and talk to your visitors, they must have some valuable feedback for you. Good Luck!
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    Beta-Testers Needed!

    @alioop There is no need to pay for any extensions in order to have a basic functioning store set up, but buying a nice theme is probably a good investment if you want to use the WOO version.
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    Can I create Coupons?

    Sure, here:
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    Just another guy trying to make some $ with Dropshipping

    Thanks guys :), I am a bit behind with my timing. We have not launched the store yet so it's gonna be tight for goal #1, I need a couple things fixed first from the Plugin's end before I can start promoting the store which should happen beginning of next week. We have loaded in 100+ products so...
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    Experienced Internet Marketer diving into Ecom

    Thanks for sharing this Nor! The red flag is probably due to waterlion ordering from Thailand and having a registered address elsewhere because he isn't pushing any volume yet.
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    What payment gateway to choose

    I used 2CO when I was selling services online like 6 years ago, never had a problem, stopped using them in 2013. Wanted to use them again for AD last week but they closed my account about a year ago due to inactivity without me knowing it (I actually had to pay back then to open the account, I...
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    Allen's Journey

    Allen have you checked out the AliDropship blog? All the info on how to get started is in there.
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    Disable slider

    I just took this one out: <?php get_template_part( 'tpl/widget/_slider' ); ?> in Static Front Page (front-page.php) and seems to work.
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    Allen's Journey

    CC=Credit Card I would not target my store worldwide if the store language is english only. Also I think you should be adding a couple more currencies if you do, but I am not sure what's the best route as I am only guessing myself ;)...
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    Allen's Journey

    Hey Allen, what product were you promoting (or category)? And are you targeting Singapore? The price per click you getting seems fairly good, perhaps your targeting isn't set up right? And yes I agree with Glady, we got to spend a little more to draw any real conclusion. Personally I would not...
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    Payment trouble after update?

    I just had AD support help me with this, I believe you are running comet cache as well (?), try to disable/delete this and get WP Super Cache instead Then you have to manually download and install the new Ion version here: