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    add to cart button is missing

    It can be many factors. Since the variations are exhausted, CSS problems, a conflict with a plugin (multi-language plugins usually give problems) and even if you have the catalog mode set.
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    PHP 8 Compatibility

    I recommend that you wait a bit, since the vast majority of pugins on the market continue to recommend PHP 7.4. It is a matter of time before the implementation by the developers takes place, but today it is not worth it.
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    Google Speed Test Errors

    Es correcto, pero dependiendo del tema puede bloquear la carga de la página. No todo el mundo lo está haciendo bien.
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    Looking for fastest ecommerce web hosting

    I recommend that you implement Redis on your server to balance the loads. It may also be that there is a lot of JavaScript loading in your themes, and wp rocket doesn't solve it at all. For it The JS files should be loaded in the footer, just before the closing of the </body> tag. When a browser...
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    Google Speed Test Errors

    You don't have to worry so much about google pagespeed as your site goes fast by itself. There are many factors that can cause your page to go slow. We have most of the problem in the lack of configuration of the hosting and in a bad configuration of wordpress. If you are worried about having a...
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    AliDropship Chrome extension generates many requests and blocks the products importing

    The same happens to me. When you carry some imported items, Aliexpress usually blocks your IP thinking that you are a Bot. I don't think the alidropship plugin can do anything about it, since it depends on the way of navigation. When there is no way to navigate your page, even if you click the...
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    AliShipping add-on ver. 1.3.53 - UPDATE

    Yes, because even if they are Spanish warehouses, they distribute to much of Europe. Aliexpress set up a large logistics center in Spain for European distribution, with which there is a great variation in delivery days and shipping methods, depending on the country to which it is sent.
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    AliShipping add-on ver. 1.3.53 - UPDATE

    Hopefully you can get it out for Aliexpress Plaza. It would be interesting to have such an option.
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    Blog sitebar widget

    I know it is not a solution. But try the plugin "amr shortcode any widget". In the widgets menu a new menu will appear, where you can put the widget you want and it will generate a shortcode that you can implement on the page you want. It may help you.
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    site health status/Alidropship plugin

    Hello. Alidropship is fully functional with PHP 7.4. The problem is that if you change the version you may have compatibility problems between versions. Regarding the files that cannot be written, it sounds to me that it may be a problem of permissions in the directories. See to change the...
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    Can I use pricing formula and set specific item prices?

    Yes, it is possible if you use woocommerce. To do this I leave the price table of the alidropship plugin to zero and use "booster for woo". Read the documentation, as it is a very extensive plugin, but it makes the woocommerce configuration much easier in all aspects. In addition, it does not...
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    Blog sitebar widget

    Hello Chris. Try putting these short codes: Recent Products [recent_products per_page = "12" columns = "4"] Featured Products [featured_products per_page = "12" columns = "4"] Show a single product [product id = "99"] (where you will have to put the ID of the product you want to show). I hope...
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    Setting prices of product is not working properly after publishing.

    Hello, I am testing the update and for now everything is perfect. Many thanks for everything.
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    How to add cancel, exchange, return & refund option on website for users?

    It's true Chris. Therefore it is better to be able to manage it from woocommerce. You can always implement solutions that the original plugin could not implement.
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    How to add cancel, exchange, return & refund option on website for users?

    For this, the best you can use is woocommerce, not the original alidropship plugin. From there you can manage other products that are not from Aliexpress. You can manage both if you wish.