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    problem with paypal

    Discovered what the problem is. After payment, it ended up in abandon cart. After the payment at paypal page and got redirect back to my site, I was redirect to homepage with the item still in the cart. Went to dashboard to checkout, under order tab, it register the order as abandon. Any idea...
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    problem with paypal

    I used both paypal and stripe for my site. However, the paypal is not functioning. For stripe, it is fine. Wordpress, theme and plugin are updated. Paypal setting checked, is correct. Whenever i try to check out using paypal, i will be redirect to paypal site to login/ confirm the payment...
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    Da Vinci theme: problems with Product listing and Added to Cart notify

    Hi, I will like to ask if there is a way to correct the bug in the "added to cart" pop up? It seems that there are random special characters in the window. The second issue I have is the product listings. How can I readjust the total number of products listed on the product categories pages. I...
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    Hi Victoria. How can i add and edit company info, purchase info and customer service at the...

    Hi Victoria. How can i add and edit company info, purchase info and customer service at the bottom of da vinci theme? I am using alidropship plugin(without woo) with da vinci theme, will activating woocommerce plugin affect anything? I am thinking of installing recent sales notify plugin like...
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    Problem with Bulk Import

    How can I send you the access? Through support email??
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    Problem with Bulk Import

    Hi, I have an issue with the bulk import function. I wanted to import a lot of products to build up my general store and bulk import function should be a great help. However, i have tried to click on the button and waited a while for the process to complete. But not all the products are...