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    $28,000+ in sales with a brand new store

    Question for your @kingpin : which methods are giving you the best return on investment (both time and money). You have given so many great ideas and techniques that I'm unsure where to start. Do you see better results from boosting viral posts with your custom links? Or does email marketing...
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    Giving it a shot

    Hi Joanna and welcome. I think I linked it in the initial post, but it's Sweet Notebooks.
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    $28,000+ in sales with a brand new store

    Wonderful stuff @kingpin - 2 questions for you: Are you updating product titles and descriptions? If so is it a manual process? Are you manually manipulating the products to bundle them together? Or does woo have that functionality? Thanks!
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    400 visit to Cart but few sales

    I have noticed the same with 'Buy One Click'. I have turned it off now. If they were not truly interested, at least I won't see all those abandoned carts anymore :)
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    AliDropship Themes Update

    Great addition! When clicking on 'Add default pages and menus', will it overwrite my other existing pages that were generated before but have now been modified?
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    Bundling option

    I have not seen this mentioned, but an ability to bundle multiple ali products into one item could be a powerful tool. I think woo can do this, but any thought to adding that ability to the non-woo plugin?
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    Giving it a shot

    Back again. I got a bit discouraged the first of the year as sales were slow and I learned what a pain the Chinese New Year is. Then ended up moving and remodeling a home which took all my available time. But now I'm settled and ready to work some more at this. The site fell into disrepair and...
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    Experienced Internet Marketer diving into Ecom - Pt. 2

    I'm glad you started this thread @waterlion and @Yaros is allowing it to run. I likewise have used the slow period (from Christmas through CNY) to try a different niche using Shopify + Oberlo. I'll posting my findings here, but understand I still believe in ADS and where it is headed. Shopify...
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    Giving it a shot

    Sorry to be MIA, but I've been hustling. I have had a few sales on the notebook site after the holidays. I've had to answer some shipment questions as some took extra long with the holiday. IG follower count continues to creep up and I still get most of my traffic from it. I have not done any...
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    The first sales!

    Hi @NickD. I have not yet dove back in to the IG promotions. I have been focusing on learning Facebook ads and testing new niches. I'm continuing to post though and have had a few sales after the new year. I may hold off on more IG promo's until after the Chinese New Year is done to avoid...
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    Giving it a shot

    Thanks for following @maxyy89. No sales in over a week. I'm trying a different pricing strategy and an end of year promotion. Hopefully things pick back up soon.
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    Giving it a shot

    I have not updated here lately, mainly because I figured the holiday was really messing with things. I took the opportunity to test out some other niches. I've also been going the the school of hard knocks otherwise known as Facebook Ads. The main takeaway there is it can be a valuable tool in...
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    Google Keyword planner tool ... Where?

    I believe you now have to have an adwords account in order to get to the keywords tools. You don't have to create ads or deposit funds to use it.
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    Help With Add To Cart And Product Images

    Sometimes they do, but you should email them at to make sure you get a response.
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    Help With Add To Cart And Product Images

    I've not seen that before. Probably need support to look. I would contact them,